Card Payments Consulting Services from Trellance

Discover an insight-driven path to growth through analysis, benchmarking and best practices with Card Payments Consulting Services from Trellance. Our experienced team of consultants can help drive the success of your credit and debit portfolio with proven strategies to maximize your credit union’s revenues and profits.

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As the payments landscape continues to change and new technologies emerge, credit unions are facing fierce competition by big payment vendors and new platforms. Many lack the in-house resources to benchmark their payment portfolios and leverage best practices to ensure their card programs grow and thrive.

Our knowledgeable team provides insightful, data-driven analysis to help credit unions better understand their card payment portfolios and identify opportunities for potential growth.

  • Card portfolio analysis, benchmarking and best practices
  • Assessment of your current program’s metrics (e.g., finance charges, interchange, fee revenue)
  • Recommendations of specific, executable strategies for enhanced revenue and profitability based on peer and industry benchmarks

Credit Unions who utilize our Card Payments consulting service reap the results of our insights:

  • 3.6x greater transaction growth than credit unions who have not engaged a Trellance consultant
  • 2.3x greater revenue growth
  • 12x greater average volume growth
  • 1.8x greater growth in outstanding balances

Remote and onsite consultations are available, depending on your organization’s needs.

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Card Portfolio Growth Solutions from Trellance

With Card Portfolio Growth Solutions, we’ve created implementation-ready solutions to help you maximize your credit card portfolio. Credit unions that have participated in the program have grown their portfolios by 19% year-over-year on average.

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In the rapidly-evolving payments landscape, we know credit unions continue to search for initiatives and solutions to add value to members while growing their business portfolio.

With Card Portfolio Growth Solutions, we’ve created implementation-ready solutions to help you maximize your credit card portfolio. Credit unions that have participated in the program have grown their portfolios by 19% year-over-year on average.

  • Plug into a 12-month calendar of activities proven to increase penetration, activation, and usage.
  • Execute easily with Trellance; our team plans, develops, coordinates and implements programs on your behalf.
  • Leverage multiple targeted marketing activities to drive profitability and reach your members. Our solution incorporates a credit line increase program, new account acquisition promotions, balance transfer and usage campaigns, plus loyalty programs for you to reach your cardholders.

With this solution from Trellance, you only pay for our services once you see the results of our program. Our “pay for performance” model ensures your success and we are compensated only when your card portfolio grows, limiting your risk.

Here’s what our members say about our program:

“We saw a significant lift in our volume, particularly in the balance transfer area.”

– Chris Tarsha, former Marketing/Business Development Director, ProMedica Federal Credit Union

“The great thing is that Trellance did all the work.”

– Luke Labbe, President, PeoplesChoice Credit Union

Learn more about the recent results other credit unions have realized with OptimizeTM Card Portfolio Growth Solutions.

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Credit Line Increase Program by Trellance

In today’s competitive market, one of the primary ways to remain relevant to your members is to maximize their purchasing power and keep your cards top-of-wallet. When was the last time you analyzed your card program and offered tangible benefits to your members? Increasing the credit lines of your eligible members will not only give them more purchasing power but improve their card utilization ratios, which can help to increase their credit scores.

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Maximize your credit card portfolio with a turnkey Credit Line Increase Program from Trellance that is cost-effective and easy to enroll in.

  • Gain access to the strategies that keep your cards top-of-wallet.
  • Provide more spending power to members to help increase the profitability of your program.
  • Increase credit utilization, loans outstanding and interest free income.
  • Secure your CU branded card’s position as the go-to card for all purchases.

With the Credit Line Increase Program from Trellance, you will have the help of our expert team throughout the entire process from implementation, providing data files, identifying members for increase and communicating the message to your qualified cardholders.

Here’s what members are saying about this program:

“Trellance did most of the heavy lifting.”

– Denise Bennett, Former VISA Consultant, Chartway Federal Credit Union

“We have seen such positive growth related to this CLIP that we believe it makes sense to continue the program.”

– Deana Bartel, Vice President of Payments Services, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

Learn more from credit unions about the possibilities of our Credit Line Increase Program.

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Dedicated Consultant Program by Trellance

It is crucial for credit unions to strategically plan for growth and to continuously evaluate their payments program. In an ever – evolving payments landscape, collaboration cultivates growth. With our Dedicated Consulting program, we are your unbiased advocate working closer to become a part of your organization to identify opportunities and offer proven strategies driving the growth of your payment portfolio.

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The Dedicated Consultant program will provide you with an assigned consultant who will work closely with you to better understand the goals of the credit union.

  • A main point of contact to conduct regular one on one interactions or attend meetings to further understand the goals of the credit union
  • Define opportunities for growth and offer recommendations which are customized to meet credit union objectives, using strategic industry benchmarks
  • An annual onsite card portfolio analysis is included to analyze performance metrics, and the impact that each has on the payment card portfolio with an emphasis of identifying opportunities for increased profitability
  • Service is not dependent on the current payments processor as Trellance is processor agnostic

Over the last 10 years, Trellance has established strong credit union relationships through our Dedicated Consulting services by working closely together, always focusing on growth and profitability along with ongoing changes in the industry. The credit union movement is important to us and we continue to evolve in offering proven strategies with credit unions, some of the measurable successes are:

  • 100% growth in loan understandings
  • 260% total volume growth
  • 130% total overall revenue growth

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IronSafe Data Analytics by Trellance

Transform your report data in minutes. IronSafe from Trellance extracts and transforms ANY report file type from ANY source system into usable database structures, automatically allowing users to quickly analyze and visualize their report data.

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IronSafe by Trellance allows you to seamlessly extract, analyze, visualize, and search data across multiple reports from multiple sources. Streamline your data analysis process with features such as:

  • Automated template authoring
  • Data extraction from any format, including PDFs
  • View trends and insights on card portfolios
  • Graph key performance measures
  • Dashboard views

IronSafe securely houses reports from any source and automatically compiles them into one database, eliminating laborious, manual table building. Spend more time analyzing your data, and less time organizing it.

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Operational Consulting from Trellance

We’ve built our Operational Consulting offering to arm credit unions with the insight and tactics they need to further strengthen their stance in the market by ensuring their payment cards are operating efficiently. We can help you synchronize your organization by combining analysis and action to calibrate your card program for peak performance.

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Here at Trellance, we’ve spent decades working with organizations like yourself, developing a deep understanding of the nuances of payments specific to credit unions. As the payments landscape continually shifts, moves and evolves, it’s crucial that credit unions strategically plan for growth and regularly evaluate their card programs.

  • Our comprehensive operational review will identify potential operational opportunities and enhanced efficiency.
  • We’ll review your current payments processing invoice to help you understand your monthly costs and identify potential cost savings.
  • We’re payments processor agnostic and can provide guidance on your program regardless of who your card processor is.

With Operational Consulting from Trellance, we can review various components of your card program to uncover opportunities for enhancement, based on your objectives:

  • Card Parameter Settings
  • Card Issuance and Plastics Production
  • Exception Items
  • Communication/Authorization Methods
  • Risk Management
  • Settlement, Accounting and Invoice Review
  • Compliance Topics

Upon completion of your operational assessment, we’ll provide you with full documentation of observations and recommendations for each of the processes reviewed.

We offer both on-site and remote engagements, depending on your organization’s specific needs.

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Payments Academy from Trellance

The Payments Academy from Trellance offers comprehensive training on the latest in payments and tactics to grow your debit and credit portfolios. You’ll find courses for credit union professionals on a variety of relevant payments topics, led by experienced industry leaders.

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In today’s fast-paced world of digital payments, credit unions are tasked with staying on top of industry trends to ensure you address the future with effective and innovative strategies for card program growth. The Payments Academy offers:

  • Experienced, expert instructors
  • Various classes on relevant and timely payments topics
  • Insights on the future direction of the payments industry
  • Courses taught through the lens of a credit union’s priorities, structure and objectives

We offer in-classroom and online courses, plus individual onsite workshops tailored to your team’s specific training needs. Our classroom training is held in our brand-new 1,400 square foot classroom located in sunny Tampa, Florida. The training center is conveniently located just 10 minutes from Tampa International Airport.

Hear more from Trellance Director of Education and lead facilitator of the Payments Academy, Stephanie Hainje here.

Deepen your knowledge and identify opportunities for growth in your debit and credit card programs with the Payments Academy from Trellance.

Please check back soon for 2019 Payments Academy dates.

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Vendor Evaluation Services

Your core, digital and payments processing vendors partnerships are vitally important to your success and the satisfaction of your members, yet they can be some of the most complex to manage. There are numerous options in the marketplace today, and it can be a daunting task to enhance revenue, improve operational efficiency, manage risk, and expand your member relationships while performing your due diligence required by regulators.

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At Trellance, we’ve developed our Vendor Evaluation Services consulting practice to help you consider of all your options and select the vendor that best fits your credit union and your members. We act as an extension of your team and help credit unions make well-informed vendor decisions as efficiently as possible without draining your internal team.

We are an independent, unbiased advocate for credit unions, and are dedicated to helping you find the best partners to suit your needs. We are an objective resource for you with no biases to any processor or brand; our interests lie with you.

We offer the following consulting and implementation services to help you navigate your third-party vendor relationships:

  • Vendor contract management and contract evaluation
  • Visa and Mastercard brand contract negotiations and brand flips
  • Vendor selection and evaluation, RFP consulting and contract negotiation for:
    • Credit, Debit and ATM card processing
    • Core data processing
    • PIN POS network processing
    • Digital banking/payments, mobile and bill pay
    • Loyalty/rewards
  • Invoice reviews that leverage vendor cost benchmarking to ensure you’re paying a competitive price
  • System selection and implementation
  • Implementation project management by certified PMP Project Managers to manage your conversion or startup program after you have chosen a processing vendor

Our Vendor Evaluation Services help credit unions identify, evaluate, select and negotiate vendor contracts that align with your budget, strategies and operational needs. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by your next contract renewal or let your contracts automatically renew with incumbents; our experienced consultants can review all of the components of your system and card offerings to ensure you are getting the system functionality and price you deserve. By comparing several best of breed vendors, the final chosen vendor should be one that is a mutually strong partnership that ultimately heightens your members’ experience.

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