Who We Are

Trellance is the leading data analytics company for credit unions. Founded in 1989, Trellance is headquartered in Tampa, FL and services over 1,500 credit unions nationwide. The Trellance team consists of experts who specialize in data integration and warehousing, data consulting, and data driven portfolio growth management that empower credit unions to drive member experience.


What We Do

It’s simple: We offer data-driven products, services and solutions that allow credit unions to increase efficiencies, manage risk, increase sales and enrich relationships with their members.

How We Do It

With data analytics being at the core of everything we do, our solutions are built on a collaborative, multi-sided, Analytic Data Model (ADM) solution that enables credit unions to integrate data vital to analytics into a single source of truth. Our collaborative ecosystem creates communities of users, data scientists and application developers. Partner that with the ability to extract, analyze and visualize your data on a single dashboard and you have just simplified your data and created a unique member experience one member at a time.

Our Evolution


Trellance acquires OnApproach to become the leading data analytics Credit Union Service Provider in credit union history. With this acquisition of the OnApproach M360 Data Model comes the CU Analytics Ecosystem consisting of multiple elements. First is the CU App Store (CUAppStore.com), an online marketplace which allows credit unions to benefit from a wide array of reporting and analytics products and services. The second is OnApproach Caspian, a Big Data “Lake” which combines large volumes of structured and unstructured data sources to enable such innovations as Near Real-Time Peer Benchmarking and In-depth Predictive Analytics Capabilities.


Trellance acquires IronSafe as the first step to help credit unions extract, transform and create usable data to assist them in making better business decisions.


Trellance begins a new journey to provide data-driven solutions to help credit unions compete and prosper.


Trellance becomes a Credit Union Service Provider to help credit unions grow and maintain profitable payments portfolios.