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Platform with
Custom Apps

Ready to customize your Trellance M360 experience? With compelling apps and partners, and new capabilities being added all the time, you’ve come to the right place. Browse, select, and pay.

Loan  Insights
at Your Fingertips

Lending is a little trickier these days. Grow and optimize loan portfolios with the Chief Lending Officer dashboards of Trellance M360. Unique insights and metrics to help you quickly maximize performance.

Insights You
Can Bank On

Art and science, by the numbers. Configurable, metrics-driven dashboards for Chief Financial Officers and their staff. From forecasting to risk management, the data platform of Trellance M360 sets the standard.

Precision Marketing
Without the Guesswork

Data-backed initiatives that put the bullseye on your target market. Uncover hidden opportunities or build targeted campaigns with the Chief Marketing Officer dashboard of Trellance M360. You’ll love it.

Empower Teams
with Powerful

Set up then hand off, without having to build a data solution yourself. In fact, you get to be a user too, with dashboards that help Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers drive important IT and technology decisions.

A Member  Experience
Like Never Before

From retail to services to banking, data drives experience. And Chief Experience Officers are improving member experience and finding monetizable moments with Trellance M360. Higher retention, higher satisfaction.

A One-Stop-Shop for Credit Union Analytics Apps from Trellance M360

Gaining valuable insights from your credit union’s member data is crucial to the success of your organization. Success comes even easier with access to the right tools for the job.

With the Trellance M360 App Store, these data resources are now available for use in one easy-to-navigate marketplace. Credit unions can access pre-built applications to satisfy industry-specific needs.

By having a suite of ready-made tools at your disposal, employees are freed up from time-consuming report formatting and instead able to focus on more impactful analysis.

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