Deposit Relationships
Deposit Relationships

Deposit Relationships

Deposit Relationships allows credit unions to explore how members save money. With many different methods of savings (and an equal number of savings goals), this app will allow credit union leaders to analyze these existing relationships and how to improve them for the future.
New Deposits Type: Monitoring new deposits by type give the credit union insight into the type of deposits members are opening and allows them to analyze why.
Drill-Down on any area of the charts to get the detailed data (e.g. Checking)
New Deposits (Branch): Branches have different types of members opening deposits on a daily basis. Discovering different types of deposits that were opened over a period of time allows credit unions to develop strategic goals for deposits by branch.
New Deposits (City): Cities within the credit unions membership base will have different types of members with different needs for savings. Discovering new types of deposits by members’ residential city gives credit unions deep insight into their region.
New Deposits (Opening Operator): Discovering employee trends and statistics assists with performance management.
Deposit Balances (Class): Guiding the portfolio of deposits by class gives the credit union stability.
Deposit Balances (Type): Breaking down the portfolio by account type gives credit union employees the ability to discover trends.
Deposit Balances (Branch): Monitoring branch performance allows for better decision making.
Deposit Balances (City): Discovering deposit statistics by city allows credit unions to tailor their strategies to geographic locations.
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