Member Fraud (Duplicate Addresses)
Member Fraud (Duplicate Addresses)

Member Fraud (Duplicate Addresses)

Member Fraud (Duplicate Addresses) enables credit unions to discover and fight fraud using duplicate residential addresses.


Users are able to quickly view duplicate addresses.

Utilizing  Member Fraud (Duplicate Addresses), analysts will be able to monitor memberships that have the same residential address. This will enable them to mitigate fraud and organize households to tailor services and maintain relationships.
Member Fraud (Duplicate Addresses) empowers credit unions to:

  • Discover Fraud
    • Find members trying to commit fraud by using the same residential address
  • Clean Data
    • Discover any bad data causing duplicate addresses
  • Analyze Households
    • Targeting members with the same residential address will allow credit union employees to tailor services based on a single household

Data fields included in the Report:
Total Members: Number of memberships with the same residential address
Residential Address Line 1: Members’ residential street address
Residential Address Line 2: Line 2 of the members’ residential street address
Residential City: Members’ residential city
Residential State: Members’ residential state
Residential Zip Code: Members’ zip code
Member ID: Unique identifier for every member
Member Name: First and last name of the member
Member Type Desc: Description of the membership type
Join Date: Date the member joined the credit union
Class Code 1: Code for the member’s class
Gender: Member’s gender
Residential City: Member’s residential city
Residential State: Member’s residential state
Assigned to Branch ID: Branch the member is assigned to
Active Flag: Determines active status of the membership (Y = “Yes”, N = “No”)

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