a channel-agnostic pool for all data needs.

A Pool of Limitless Possibility

OA Caspian is a data lake that allows every credit union on the M360 platform to transport data to and from the lake. Using a number of big data technologies, including Hadoop and Hive, OA Caspian is home to both M360 credit union data, and also other sources of structured and unstructured data (e.g. Census data, real estate, insurance, etc.). Our data lake serves as a channel-agnostic pool that credit unions can use for all data needs. As one of the three pillars of the CU Analytics Ecosystem, this data lake allows for the frictionless transfer of OnApproach M360 Enterprise data.

Ownership of Data

Member data is an incredibly valuable asset. Credit unions are able to monetize this data rather than sending it out to companies that want to monetize it for themselves.

Data Security

Automated process and blockchain technology secures and encrypts data in transit and at rest. An important security feature of the data lake is the control that credit unions have over their data.

Collaborative Analytics

Revolutionize the lending processes through transaction-level portfolio analysis and predictive analytics.

Unstructured Data Sources

Caspian is equipped to easily integrate 3rd party and unstructured data sets (i.e. email, social media, phone calls, etc.), unlike other robust data warehouses.

Data Quantity

Caspian makes it possible for credit unions to access very large, standardized data sets to test models, benchmark, and perform advanced analytics.

Daily Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking

Daily transaction level data updates will allow credit unions to make decisions with reliable and timely data.

OA Caspian is the next step to empower credit unions with capabilities that even large banks and fintech startups can only dream of at this point

“The Caspian Data Lake is a massive milestone, not only for OnApproach, but for the credit union movement as a whole.”

Paul Ablack
President & CEO


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