Our Guidance solutions help credit unions to navigate key business processes and form better partner relationships.

Vendor Evaluation Services

The road to success is challenging, but with Trellance’s Vendor Evaluation Services, you never have to take it alone. Our consultants bring a comprehensive mix of expertise and know-how, project management certification and years of experience working with various payments vendors, core processors and

credit unions.


Invoice Audit

In today’s fast-paced market, credit unions run the risk of overbilling or being owed credits with their invoicing. Manual reviews of invoices waste time and don’t always take every factor into account. Trellance’s Invoice Auditing Service can catch billing errors sooner, eliminating the loss of potential credits due to any back-billing clauses. The pay-for-performance model ensures your success while limiting risk. With both a client engagement manager and our proprietary tracking automation, we can effectively and consistently compare contract terms versus invoices. This provides your credit union with a highly accurate report and more time to focus on your success.


Data-Driven Consulting

We have decades of experience understanding the nuances of payments specific to credit unions. Our consulting team can provide insightful, data-driven analysis to help you better understand your card payment portfolio, identify operational efficiencies, improve compliance and utilize data to drive growth. We work with you to understand your goals, assess your current performance and consider your specific challenges. We then recommend best practices, offer cost savings strategies and complete peer benchmarking.

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