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Enterprise Integration

OnApproach M360 Enterprise is a collaborative, multi-sided, Analytic Data Model (ADM) solution that enables credit unions to integrate all of their data into a single source of truth. It is a true industry standard data model because it is core and ancillary system agnostic. OnApproach M360 Enterprise enables employees at all levels of an organization to use information and analytics to increase efficiencies, manage risk, increase sales and profitability, and enrich relationships with members. This enables the CU Analytics Platform for advanced analytics, increased collaboration, data pooling, and more.

Branch Analysis

Measure daily branch performance using staff sales metrics for loans, deposits, certificates, checking, and savings.

Fraud Detection

Detect fraud using algorithms designed to alert responsible parties.

Lending Analytics

Revolutionize the lending processes through transaction-level portfolio analysis and predictive analytics.

Credit Card Analytics

Leverage credit card transaction data to learn more about members and better serve their needs.

Asset & Liability Analysis

Manage key financial ratios including weighted average rates, liquidity, cost of funds, and dividend expenses.

Dealer Analysis

Complete indirect lending management, including risk, dealer analysis, and profitability.

Financial Analysis

Perform detailed analytics on general ledger data updated daily.

Digital Banking Analytics

Perform detailed analytics on digital banking (online and mobile).

Member Analytics

Measure member value for strategic marketing that attracts the right members.

Single Source of Truth

View all of your member’s transactions in one location, regardless of where they occur or the system used.

Key Performance Indicators

Analyze the success of the credit union’s business activities.

Demographic Analysis

Monitor the changing membership demographics of your credit union.

M360 puts credit unions at the forefront of member service in the digital age, and draws in the best and brightest to develop on its platform.

OnApproach was the obvious choice in helping us to integrate the myriad of ancillary data sources with that from our core system and turning that data into analytics.Ken Leonard, President & CEO
“OnApproach delivers a fantastic data warehouse to their customers that instantly drew me to them and their product.”Brewster Knowlton, Founder
We needed a solution that would integrate data from which all of the core and ancillary systems with which our members interact. After an extensive evaluation of our options, we chose OnApproach as our data integration platform for reporting and analytics.Jim Minge, CEO
By combining OnApproach’s knowledge and expertise in leveraging big data and analytics to improve business performance and processing with Rate Reset’s innovative digital member solutions, we can redefine the loan financing process.
Keith Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO

“OnApproach was able to help us by looking at our transaction data, which was very beneficial in determining what profitability looks like.”

Alisha JR Johnson
Sr. VP Marketing, Sales, and Service
Ideal Credit Union


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