Trellance Announces New Suite of Solutions: Analytics Services

The new line of services will aid credit unions to create and execute a roadmap for becoming data driven.

Tampa, FL – May 22, 2024 – Trellance, a leading technology partner providing innovative analytics, cloud and talent solutions to credit unions, today announced their latest line of technology solutions to help credit unions achieve more, Analytics Services.

Analytics Services consists of two main offerings: Strategic Data Analytics Plan and the Adoption & Enablement Program. These offerings support credit unions in meeting data analytics goals, either by creating a roadmap to begin the data journey or by providing training and organizational development to achieve data self-sufficiency.

The Strategic Data Analytics Plan enables credit unions to improve return on platform investment and reduce blockers to achieving success.

  • Identify where you are today. Analyze the current state of your credit union’s data.
  • Plan for your ideal future. Start designing your ideal data environment.
  • Achieve alignment towards goal. Make sure all your stakeholders are aligned with your goal.
  • Understand ROI Opportunities. Enable prioritized use cases and initiatives to deliver value.
  • Create your roadmap. Build a high-level strategy to be a data-driven enterprise.


The Adoption & Enablement Program empowers data analytics employees through role-based training; additional value can be created by deploying a Center of Excellence, which enables credit unions to build self-sufficient data analytics capabilities.

  • Deliver role-based training.
    • Train the roles necessary for successful data and analytics execution.
    • Ensure everyone is speaking the same language through data literacy and storytelling training.
  • Establish a Center of Excellence.

Charter and launch a program to govern and execute data analytics processes and deliver business value

“In talking to our credit union partners, we found that many of them wished that they had access to additional support beyond implementing a data warehouse,” said Daragh Fitzpatrick, SVP of Advanced Analytics as Trellance. “At Trellance, our mission is to be a technology partner for credit unions, and that means meeting them where they’re at and providing the resources they need to not just roll out our solutions, but to truly become a data-driven business. We’re happy to now be able to provide these services to ensure credit unions get the most value from their data analytics initiatives.”

Analytics Services are now available at Trellance. To learn more about this and other Trellance offerings, contact us here.

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