Trellance to Co-Host EDGE – A New Technology Conference for Credit Unions

EDGE, which will be held in May of 2024, shares Trellance’s mission of being a technology partner to credit unions.

Tampa, FL – November 28, 2023 – Trellance, a leading technology partner providing innovative analytics, cloud and talent solutions to credit unions, today announced that they will co-host EDGE, a first-of-its-kind industry conference for credit union industry professionals. EDGE will debut on May 6-7, 2024, in Nashville, Tennessee; additional hosts include the Filene Research Institute and Credit Union Data Exchange (CUDX).

EDGE seeks to unite credit union industry professionals with tech experts to share the latest innovations and industry trends. EDGE is dedicated to fostering a dynamic platform where technology enthusiasts, thought leaders and industry experts converge to:

  • Inspire Innovation
  • Facilitate Knowledge Exchange
  • Empower Digital Evolution
  • Promote Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Forge Lasting Connections
  • Advance Ethical Tech
  • Empower the Future Generation

The EDGE conference will feature networking opportunities, keynote speakers and breakout sessions on topics important to Trellance customers. As of this announcement, EDGE has confirmed three keynote speakers: Mark Sangster, Vice President and Chief of Strategy at Adlumin, Heather McKissick, CEO of the CUES, and Lisa Bodell, Founder & CEO of FutureThink; Global Innovation and Change Expert; Best-Selling Author. They have also confirmed Mike Lawson of CUBroadcast will be emceeing.

In addition to the keynote speakers, EDGE is currently accepting submissions to be a breakout session speaker at EDGE 2024. Presentations on the following topics will be considered:

  • Credit Union Innovations: Tell us about how your credit union is making innovations in the industry.

  • Digital Evolution: Are you an expert in cutting-edge technology? Has your credit union implemented the latest technology? Technology is evolving quickly – tell us about game-changing technology and how it can be used in the credit union space.

  • Diversity and Tech: How can we make sure we’re reducing bias in technology and including diverse voices? How does diversity make our credit unions stronger? This topic can include diverse hiring practices, identifying and reducing bias in tech such as AI or Machine Learning, the importance of developing a global workforce, and more.

  • Ethics and Tech: We want to leave the world a better place than we found it – how can we make sure we’re using technology ethically?

  • Fraud: As instances of fraud and digital hostages continue to rise, how can credit unions keep their servers safe?

  • AI: How can credit unions leverage AI to best benefit their credit unions? What are some protocols that credit unions should adopt when implementing AI? What is the future of AI in the credit union industry?

The Underground, hosted by Mitchell Stankovic & Associates, will kick off the general sessions at EDGE, with panelists focused on issues relevant in today’s environment. The session will feature a debate about who’s responsible for ethics and values regarding generative AI and what’s taking place in the credit union space, as well as a discussion about using collaboration to sustain a cooperative model. Stay tuned for future updates announcing thought leaders for the panel.

“There’s a hunger in our industry for education and innovation,” said Tom Davis, President and CEO of Trellance. “We saw an opportunity to provide for those needs by joining with other industry leaders to host a conference that will speak to the latest technology innovations in the credit union sphere and deliver thought leadership content on a range of topics important to our attendees.”

EDGE is currently accepting sponsors at all levels. EDGE sponsors will receive visibility with credit union and tech industry leaders and the opportunity to be present at the inaugural EDGE event, securing them the right of first refusal for future EDGE events.

Learn more about EDGE here – registration will be opening soon. Submissions for breakout sessions can be submitted here. Each session will be 30 minutes total, including Q&A.

About EDGE

At EDGE, our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and innovation, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. We are dedicated to fostering a dynamic platform where technology enthusiasts, thought leaders, and industry experts converge to create the future of credit union technology. At EDGE, we are driven by the belief that technology has the power to transform the world positively. Our mission is to be a catalyst for this transformation by bringing together the brightest minds and fostering an ecosystem of innovation, collaboration and responsible tech use.

About Trellance

Trellance is a credit union cooperative and leading technology partner for credit unions, delivering innovative technology solutions to help credit unions achieve more. With a comprehensive suite of analytics, cloud and talent solutions, the Trellance team ensures credit unions increase efficiency, manage risk, and improve member experience. As a tech partner, Trellance ensures that credit unions have access to the latest generation of fintech solutions, filled with powerful tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn more at

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