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Trellance Webinar Series

Prepare for Success in 2020!

Kick off your 2020 strategic planning activities with an informative, complimentary webinar series that will arm you with the information you need to make better business decisions for your data analytics journey, grow your card portfolios, and choose the right partners for the coming year.

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If you are thinking of starting your data journey or taking a deeper dive, these webinars are for you.


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If you have a growth agenda for your card portfolios in 2020, get strategies to realize real growth here.


Climbing to the Top of Wallets
Tuesday, February 18, 2020 2:00 pm
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If new vendor partnerships are on your roadmap, plan to attend one of these for a stress-free process.


Please check back soon! Scroll below for past webinar recordings.

News - Trellance acquires OnApproach to Build and Harness the Power of Data Analytics for Credit Unions

Past Webinars

Fueling a Bright Future for Credit Union Analytics: OnApproach M360 Enterprise
Financial Transformation and Automation at Credit Unions featuring BankBI
The CECL Journey: Meeting the CECL Challenge
Life Event Banking: A Data-Driven Approach to Helping CU Members Better Manage Financial Lives Webinar
Using Data Analytics to Find the Sweet Spot between Mission and Profit
Leveraging your Data to Engage the Digital Financial Institution Member
Interchange Management as a Service
Segmentation is Everything: Mathematically - it's actually More! Featuring Steven Simpson PhD.
The Deep Future Analytics CECL Study: Alternatives, Impacts, Accuracy, and Complexity
Unraveling CECL and a Practical Approach to Adoption
How to grow your portfolio and increse net margin: Loan pricing based on a lifetime profitability forecast


Tips to Secure your Data Lake
Data Lakes: What it Takes
Disruptive Data
Your Data: The Ultimate Toy Box
Big Data and a Small Credit Union
Analytics as the Fuel for Innovation - Implementing Analytics at OCCU
To Fish with a Net or a Spear: Implementing Analytics at CUTX
Catching a Unicorn, Discussing Data Analytics with Clay Yearsley
Sorting Socks: A Data Automation Conversation with Graham Goble
The CECL Effect: How the New Credit Loss Rule will Alter Financial Analytics - Data Analytics Series BIGcast
From Questions to Answers: Becoming a Data-Driven Organization - Data Analytics Series BIGcast


Our Community Credit Union and the $2.6 Million Man
Ideal Credit Union and OnApproach Work Together to Leverage Data Analytics' Potential on CUbroadcast
The Collaborative Analytics Ecosystem for Credit Unions
Why Digital Transformation is Vital for Credit Unions
Coming up for Credit Unions... Blockchain, Chatbots, and More with Paul Ablack on CUbroadcast
Real-Time Analytics and Member Experience on CUbroeadcast
Taking Data Analysis at Credit Unions to another Level with Collaborative Analytics
Business Use and ROI of Data Analytics with CUbroadcast
Credit Union Analytics and Collaboration on CUbroeadcast
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