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Leveraging Analytics to Thrive in a Rising Rate Environment

In an attempt to curb growing inflation in the U.S., the Federal Reserve has been rapidly raising interest rates at a speed not seen for a generation. Rising rates means less demand for housing loans or refinancing, but credit unions can still see increased demand in areas such as credit cards and auto loans.

Take advantage of the current situation by utilizing data analytics to identify areas of potential growth for your credit union.

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Using Analytics to Navigate the Rising Rate Environment

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Recorded on Wed. Dec 7, 2022 | 2:00 PM EST

  • Growing deposits to ensure adequate liquidity 
  • Strategically pricing loans and deposits (based on member relationships) to ensure profitability 
  • Products and services adjustments to meet higher rates 
  • Proactive member interactions through predictive analytics

Presented by:

Nate Wentzlaff
Sr. Director, Product Management

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Trigger Loan Growth Opportunities as Interest Rates are on the Rise

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Wed. Dec 14, 2022 | 2:00 PM EST

In today’s rising rates environment, now is the time to be proactive in the management of your portfolios through the use of data analytics. Learn how to turn this environment into new opportunities that can lead you into implementing credit card and loan products for greater profitability.

  • Using data to gain better insights on your member growth potential in a high-rate environment leads to profitability
  • Executing a New Account Acquisition Program with low rates and balance transfer options
  • Implementing an Auto-Refinance Program when new car inventory is low

Presented by:

Ann Farrell
Director of Prescriptive Analytics

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Understanding how Member Lifetime Value and Next Best Actions Can Help You Thrive in Today's Rising Rate Market

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Tue. Jan 10, 2023 | 2:00 PM EST

As interest rates rise in 2022, consumers are less likely or able to refinance or buy a new home while at the same time having to watch as credit card rates increase. This is an area where credit unions can make an impact. By implementing a Member Lifetime Value model at your credit union, you can identify the value of members and make insightful decisions on promotions such as lower credit card rates or zero-rate balance transfer cards; taking out a HELOC at a lower promotional rate.

Drive growth and improve margins by targeting the most valuable members for promotions and retention while minimizing expenses on unprofitable members. Next Best Action can personalize content and relevant offers through the right channels, maximizing your marketing efforts 

Presented by:

Jeff Johnson
Product Manager, Predictive Analytics

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Analytics in Action: Using Data to Capture Opportunities Created by Rising Interest Rates

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Tue. Jan 24, 2023 | 2:00 PM EST

While rising interest rates cause uncertainty and can be the cause of some economic instability, credit unions should see it as another opportunity to drive growth and prosperity for their members and the local community. In order to discover and act on these opportunities, credit unions should look to their data. Managing their data in a single source of truth, and gleaning strategic insights from it, will enable credit unions to thrive and develop ever closer relationships with their members. Use cases covered will include: 

  • Data Platform – Establishing a single source of truth 
  • Data Quality – Ensure high quality data to know your members better 
  • Identifying deposit flows (in and out of the CU) 
  • Discover trends within members by demographics 
  • Benchmark with other CUs to understand industry trends

Presented by:

Amanda Emery
Product Manager, Descriptive Analytics

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