Drive Data-driven Business Outcomes

Analytics Services

Leverage the power of data and analytics to grow  your business through marketing solutions, manage your loan portfolio, and ease the burden of regulatory compliance.

Unlock Success Through Advanced Analytics, Member Growth, Risk Management, Portfolio Expansion, and Innovation:  Trellance Leads as a Software-Enabled Service Provider.

Outcome-Driven Analytics

Analytics  Services unlock the value of your data and analytics assets to bridge the gap between vision and execution. Using our deep credit union expertise, we provide data-driven business solutions specific to your product portfolio and personalized to your members.

This provides you with ‘last mile’ advisory and execution leveraging data-driven and advanced analytics solutions.

  • Concentration Risk Assessment
  • Stress Testing
  • Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL)
  • Lending Advisory
  • Fair Lending
  • Risk Based Pricing Analysis
  • Advanced Portfolio Segmentation
  • Advanced Benchmarking
  • Value-add Third-Party Data
  • Analytical Intelligence

See how prescriptive analytics can shape your business

Multi-Dimensional Loan Portfolio Analytics

Maintain adequate capital to take on additional risks to serve members, and where to deploy that capital in order to create the most impact.

Marketing Solutions

Elevate engagement, earn loyalty and win new (and younger) members without adding more tasks to your to-do list.

Current Expected Credit Losses

Financial statements are the responsibility of management, meaning you will need to understand your calculation and have the flexibility to make it your own.

New Account Acquisition

Quickly convert a non-cardholder member into a profitable one just with a click of a few buttons.

Fair Lending

Trellance ensures fair treatment of borrowers, maintaining credit union trust.

Data Enrichment

Understand credit and collateral quality migration.

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