Predictive Analytics by Trellance

Trellance Predictive Analytics solutions offer credit union decision makers the insights to capitalize on future trends and proactively respond to challenges. Harness big data to define actions that reduce risk, improve efficiency, increases member satisfaction, and grow revenue.

Predicting the Future

Trellance Predictive Analytics models empower credit unions to get a holistic view of membership based on behavioral data to create highly targeted, effective marketing campaigns.

Our team of credit union-focused data scientists are ready to deploy machine learning packages, either through cloud or on-premise deployments, so you can achieve personalized member insights at scale.

Predictive Models that Fuel Credit Union Success

Member Personas

The Member Personas predictive model provides added context around your members. Each member is classified into one persona group. Each group’s characteristics can be used to drive specific marketing actions to improve your member retention programs and boost the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Next Best Product

The Next Best Product predictive model enables you to identify the next two most beneficial products for every member of your credit union based on historical behaviors. This model has many benefits such as a better match between the member’s needs and a quantifiable increase in member satisfaction and engagement.

Attrition Prediction

The Attrition predictive model enables your credit union to identify members that are at risk of leaving based on actual member’s activities. This model helps the credit unions take a targeted approach and work with “high risk” member groups allowing you to deploy more effective marketing campaigns.

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