Anticipate your members' needs

Predictive Analytics

Capitalize on future trends and respond proactively to challenges by predicting future outcomes using the power of big data and machine learning.

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Gain insights from big data, data science, and machine learning algorithms to identify behavioral patterns that drive accurate predictions about future events.

Predictive analytics products & services

Empower your credit union with a holistic view of your membership based on behavioral data so you can create marketing campaigns to target member segments at your credit union.

Our experts can help you implement AI-based technologies to score member engagement and loyalty, to understand why members are leaving, and predict which products would provide the most benefits to your members.

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What can your credit union achieve with predictive analytics?

Optimize the marketing budget and maximize responsiveness by creating targeted lists of members.

Develop effective retention strategies, focusing on members with higher likelihood to leave.

Anticipate member needs to deliver highly targeted and personalized products to maximize your cross-sell efforts.

Scale personalized insights at your credit union thanks to our resident team of data scientists that can customize our predictive models to your credit union to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

See how predictive analytics can shape your business

Member Personas

The Member Personas model provides added context around your members using a combination of engagement score and channel activity. Each member is classified into one persona group. Each group’s characteristics can be used to drive specific marketing actions to improve your member retention programs and boost the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Member Attrition

The Attrition predictive model enables your credit union to identify members that are at risk of leaving based on actual member’s activities. This model helps the credit unions take a targeted approach and work with “high risk” member groups allowing for more effective marketing campaigns.

Next Best Product

Identify the next two most beneficial products for every member at your credit union based on historical behaviors. Use data to drive a better match between the member’s needs and a quantifiable increase in member satisfaction and engagement, as well as other benefits.

Artificial Intelligence

Enable strategic decision-making at all levels with a scientific, data-driven approach.

  • Leverage AI and machine learning technology 
  • Preparing data and customize models 
  • Helping to analyze data 
  • Outcomes & take decisions 

What credit unions are saying...

“We’ve been on this data analytics journey for quite a while and one of the things I’m really excited about is with the predictive analytics, the dashboarding that we’re able to produce, and the dashboards that are coming out with M360 and being able to use those connectors to really have actionable dashboards that our management team can use.”

Mick Olson

Chief Financial Officer
Topline Federal Credit Union