Information Security

Protect your credit union with the highest level of security available to reduce risk, meet compliance standards, and maintain peace of mind.

Take full advantage of our proactive approach to information security which reduces risk, addresses industry regulations, and defends your credit union and its members against the growing number of threats and sophisticated cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity & Risk Management Solutions

Trellance provides comprehensive cybersecurity and risk management solutions for your credit union, including fully integrated monitoring tools and access to our team of experts. Our approach ensures your cybersecurity program protects both your credit union and member data while also complying with NCUA and FFIEC requirements.

  • Eliminate vulnerabilities and minimize your risk against cyber attacks.
  • Work with our team of cybersecurity experts to develop, manage, and adapt your cybersecurity program.
  • Quickly and easily keep your staff informed of potential threats.
  • Maintain NCUA and FFIEC compliance requirements.

See how information security can shape your business

Virtual CISO

Trellance’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) solution provides your credit union with a team of experts and a dedicated executive who can help manage and steer your information security program.

Our proven model works within your institution-specific requirements, builds a relationship with your leadership team, and ensures that your cybersecurity program is overseen by a certified, CISO-level expert who can take on as many responsibilities as needed to ensure your credit union has a comprehensive information security plan in place.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

To keep your environment secure, you need to monitor and analyze data in real time. Bundling log data, security alerts, and events into one centralized platform is ideal, but this can be a burdensome and overwhelming task for already-strapped IT teams.

With Trellance’s managed SIEM solution, you can reduce the burden of monitoring and protecting your environment. We provide 24/7 monitoring, compliance documentation, quick response times, as well as log aggregation and correlation, allowing for quick detection of abnormal behavior patterns and attacks.

Patch and Vulnerability Management

Patch Management is the number one way to ensure that you are eliminating potential vulnerabilities and minimizing your risk against potential attacks. Regularly patching systems and applications when vendor updates are made available helps to manage and reduce the risk in your environment.

With Trellance, you can easily deploy patches to your endpoints, ensuring your platform is safe, secure, and up to date. Trellance regularly scans for vulnerabilities and identifies the patches needed to bring your network current, as well as internally audits them first to ensure they are stable before deploying at scale.

Endpoint Security

Having modern anti-malware software, and ideally Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software, can stop, prevent the spread of, and recover compromised infrastructure from ransomware attacks.

Trellance will work with you to ensure all servers, workstations, and laptops have a next-generation anti-malware solution installed that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate software behavior and mitigate new threats.