Dive Into Your Credit Union's Performance

Descriptive Analytics

Analyze historical data and emerging trends to deliver an improved understanding of current business performance at your credit union.

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Perform historical analysis on key domains of your credit union to secure detailed understanding of your past performance and improve your current operations.

Descriptive analytics products & services

Enable your credit union to have a comprehensive view of current and historical performance of your business across a variety of domains such as deposits, channels, collections, employees, lending, membership and payments and many more.

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What can your credit union achieve with descriptive analytics?

Assess historical and current performance of your key business lines.

Eliminate the hassle of creating custom reports by empowering your staff to access a variety of pre-canned reports.

Perform regional, state, national and custom peer benchmarking to identify areas of potential improvements for your organization.

Partner with Trellance to develop custom data integrations or custom reporting to address your unique needs.

See how descriptive analytics can shape your business

Advanced Benchmarking

Create customized peer groups based on asset size and geographic location to see how you stack up against comparable credit unions.

Use Cases

Access a suite of pre-built Microsoft PowerBi dashboards to generate actionable information to increase efficiency, manage risk, and enrich relationships.

Adoption and Enablement

Support your organization with role-based training, and drive self-sufficiency by deploying a Center of Excellence.

What credit unions are saying...


“At Maps Credit Union, we’re really invested in how can we enable our business leaders with self-service reporting to optimize their processes, make better decisions, and ultimately improve our member experience.”

Brenton Paulsen

Director Business Intelligence
Maps Credit Union