Symitar Checklist: 3 Key Things to Do Before Year-End

Authored by: Keith Beck (Symitar Business Analyst) and Robin Hess (Lead Symitar/Data Analyst) Q4 is here, and it is already a busy time for credit unions. For those using Symitar platform, end of year brings a host of additional time sensitive challenges. We have broken down three key things Symitar users should do before the […]

Becoming a data driven credit union isn’t a straight line

Becoming data-driven is a priority for most companies today and the reasons are clear. According to consulting firm McKinsey, data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable. The data says … use your data! Most credit unions don’t need to […]

The top 3 myths about moving to the cloud

The cloud promised to change the technology landscape when it went mainstream in the early 2000s, offering the potential to reduce the burdens of data storage, hardware investments, and scaling web services. As it gained momentum in the business world, the financial services sector wasn’t quick to follow suit. For almost a decade, uncertainty around […]

Credit unions must act local, but think global

The following is an article written by Trellance’s President and CEO, Tom Davis. The article originally appeared on Last month, on a plane to India to open our company’s newest office, I had hours to reflect on changes in the credit union industry since my work here began in 2004. The digitization of financial […]

Trellance Auto Re-Fi Program Brings in $1.3 Million in 30 Days for Capitol Credit Union

What Can a Successful Auto Refinance Program do for Your Credit Union? “We could not have imagined having such success with such a small mailing,” says an enthusiastic Martin Fogarty, director of remote delivery at Capitol Credit Union in Austin, Texas. “From 656 members, to generate $1.3 million worth of loans has been great.” When […]

Two Key Trends Driving Credit Unions’ Move to The Cloud

The following is an article written by Trellance’s Data Science Product Manager, Jeff Johnson. The article originally appeared on While cloud solutions took the business world by storm about a decade ago, banks and credit unions were initially slow to adopt over prudent concerns about data security. As those data security concerns have been […]

How Ethical is Your Data? Questions Every Credit Union Should Ask

Ethical Credit Union Data Practices

The following is an article written by Trellance’s Data Services Delivery Director, Merrill Albert. The article originally appeared on One of the benefits of a more data-driven society is the opportunity to reduce the biases that unconsciously creep into human decision-making. No one wants to think they are biased in their work, but today, we […]

Trellance Releases Five New Cloud-Based Products

To meet growing demand by credit unions for cloud-based data analytics, Trellance is announcing the release of five new cloud offerings. 65% of credit unions have either invested in, or plan to invest and implement cloud-based solutions, according to a recent Cornerstone Advisors survey. Trellance’s new cloud-based business analytics offerings are available by monthly subscription […]

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