Auto Loan Refinance Program

Boost auto loans by targeting
existing membership

This program helps our clients grow their auto loan portfolio by using their existing member base. Members who are well qualified and have an auto loan financed with another lender can be easily identified and targeted under this program.

How does it work?

1. Customize Parameters & Underwriting Criteria
2. Produce a Final “Firm Offer of Credit”​
3. Develop Personalized Marketing Material

Benefits of the Program


Strengthen membership relationships by 
offering better rates
and terms


Provide cross-selling opportunities for ancillary products


Increase member engagement leads to improved member profitability

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Accelerate auto loan market growth by capturing loans with other FIs 

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Auto Refinance Program

“Partnering with Trellance on the Refi program was pivotal to Capitol Credit Union having a record funding month in June 2021. Being able to identify our own members who may have gotten financing at the dealer and being able to recapture this lost business was a game changer.”

Martin Fogarty,
Director of Remote Delivery at Capitol Credit Union