Growing Credit Card Portfolio at River Valley Credit Union

Learn how River Valley Credit Union is a prime example of how credit unions can effectively grow their card portfolio and boost revenue year-over-year.  With improved growth strategies, along with Trellance’s Card Portfolio Growth Solutions and New Account Acquisition Program, River Valley Credit Union continues to use data to drive decisions about eligibility of members, accounts that qualify for increases, and the best time for implementing strategies to drive even better growth metrics.

“Using these campaign strategies showed our cardholders that we have a lot to offer them just like the larger banks do but in a better way and by utilizing their local credit union’s card!”

Laura Paice, AVP, Consumer Lending, River Valley Credit Union

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • What drove the need to grow their credit card program
  • Why having an implementation-ready and pay-for-performance model
    was an ideal solution for River Valley
  • Key implementation lessons learned from their 3-year experience
Download the Case Study