CUbroadcast and Capitol Credit Union Discuss
The Benefits From Trellance’s Card Portfolio Growth Solution

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Here’s what Capitol Credit Union has done with only 6 months into the program:

  • The Credit Line Increase Program provided their members an extra half of a million dollars in spending power.
  • From their New Accounts Acquisition Program, Capitol Credit Union had 3x times the industry average response rate for opening new credit cards.
  • In just 5 months the Balance Transfer Promotion increased their total outstanding by more than 17%.
  • With the Employee New Account Acquisition Sweepstakes, Martin from Capitol Credit Union was a winner for assisting a member with a credit card application. Trellance fully funds and works with the Sweepstakes company on your behalf giving out thousands of dollars in prizes to reward credit union employees for being their biggest brand advocate and driving card portfolio growth.

Imagine if you’re portfolio could see these results in less than a year? Talk to an expert today!

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