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Knowing your Credit Union’s portfolio health and peer standing is the foundation of your strategy as you plan for the upcoming year. Credit unions who are not using data as a driver when planning for 2022 risk falling behind. Trellance is able to provide you 30 day premium access to CUCompare so that you can leverage your data to thrive.

Access these premium features:

  • Create Executive Reports to provide insight into your institution’s collective performance
  • Easily review benchmarking for peers by name or institution profile
  • See your portfolio’s historic performance as well as make use of predictive models
CU Compare

Questions you may be asking yourself related to YOY profitability, retention, and acquisition as well as member experience can all be answered through your data.

With CUCompare in collaboration with additional benefits from Trellance you can take the guesswork out of strategic planning and use the best products for growth to seize opportunity with your membership.