Trellance CUCompare

Compare with Confidence

Trellance CUCompare is a web-based, easy to use, descriptive analytics solution which provides credit unions a way to benchmark and track performance through national, state, and asset-band peer comparisons. CUCompare runs on data obtained from NCUA on all federally insured credit unions and from FDIC on commercial banks. With CUCompare you can assess a wide range of pre-defined and fully customizable performance metrics across a variety of peer logics, making CUCompare the most cost efficient, flexible, and desirable solution among the available benchmarking solutions.

Compare Your Own Way


CU Compare offers a great deal of flexibility as it allows comparison both at national, state, and on asset-band basis. CUCompare supports the ability to analyze and compare your credit union performance by any of the more than 140 performance metrics tracked in the system including the recently developed digital adoption score.


CU Compare supports the ability to forecast actual data for up to four years in the future, helping the credit union to better understand and visualize your future performance trends.

Banking Comparison

CUCompare contains unique capabilities that help credit unions to compete with other financial institutions operating in the same service area. The Bank Comparison feature allows the credit union to benchmark your performance KPIs with userselected banking institutions enabling a more precise situational awareness for credit unions.


CUCompare branch clustering feature allows credit unions to analyze the branch footprint of banking institutions within a current or desired service area, down to the zip code level. A branch density index calculates the population per branch by comparing the area population against the total number of financial institutions in the area. Using the data, credit unions making strategic branch opening decisions can assess which locations may be potentially underserved.


 A self-serve, predictive & intelligent CU comparison tool
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