Trellance Subject Matter Expert Program

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Greg Leslie

Client Engagement Manager


Greg is a highly accomplished data and analytics leader specializing in the credit union industry, currently serving as a vital member of Trellance’s Talent division. With a strong focus on data-intensive solutions, Greg provides invaluable support to multiple credit unions in their quest for operational excellence. Greg joined Trellance in 2022 and brought with him a wealth of credit union experience gained over many years as a data scientist and business intelligence department builder. His comprehensive knowledge and expertise have equipped him to deliver outstanding results, consistently surpassing expectations. Adept at working across departments and levels, Greg champions the holistic evolution of credit unions into data-empowered entities. Recognized as a thought leader in the industry, Greg has been invited to present at multiple events, including the CULytics Summit, Minnesota Credit Union Network webinars, and Trellance’s own Annual Conference. His engaging presentations not only showcase his deep insights into data and analytics but also inspire audiences to embrace data-integrated practices and unlock new possibilities for growth.


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