IronSafe Data Extraction Platform

Trellance IronSafe is the tool of choice for data extraction. Automation replaces manual data transfers, reducing errors and turning data into insights.

Transform Your Report Data in Minutes

Sometimes answers to your most important questions are located in several different places. With Trellance IronSafe, you can convert reports from multiple sources, in multiple formats, into commonly used database structures. Data extraction is fast and easy, allowing you to then analyze and visualize report data. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

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Extract, Analyze, Visualize

Extract Your Data

IronSafe automatically extracts report content into database tables that you can then extract to CSV, or use to populate your own or thirdparty analytical tools:

  • Automated template authoring
  • Any report format, including PDF
  • Any card processor report format
  • Any core system report format
  • Output to CSV, databases or data warehouses
  • Extract data from different reports and databases into one database

Analyze Your Data

When your report content is in database tables, research is fast:

  • Trending insights from data
  • Filter and search transaction data
  • Gain insights on card portfolios
  • Purchase trends for marketing promotions
  • Fraud & delinquencies analysis
  • Card portfolio profitability
  • Web based analyzer, pivot table or spreadsheet view available in ReportDB

Visualize Your Data

Know the story your report data has to tell:

  • Graph key performance measures
  • Instant report data dashboard updates upon automated report ingestion
  • Graph program volume, cash balance, income
  • Build custom graphs and charts
  • Dashboard publishing for executive view

Credit Unions Prefer IronSafe

Learn more about Trellance IronSafe with this product overview.

What Credit Union Leaders Are Saying

“The Ironsafe solution allows us to provide valuable information to our customers in a secure, PCI compliant environment…an absolute requirement with confidential non-public information. Data analytics within the solution helps our customers see key metrics for their portfolio at a glance or dig deeper to analyze specifics more closely. Securing our data while ensuring it is easily accessible and meaningful for customers is no small feat. Ironsafe makes it possible for us.”

Christy Simonsen
Senior Vice President Bank Card Manager

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