New Offering from Trellance Addresses Critical Credit Union Talent Gaps

Staff Augmentation Will Help Credit Unions Meet Growing Demands for Skilled Technologists

Tampa, FL – February 16, 2022 – With talent shortages at the highest levels in decades, credit unions across the country are struggling to fill key technology and analytics positions. Staff Augmentation from Trellance aims to close the gap by connecting credit unions with skilled talent using the more cost-effective and flexible “as-a-service” model.

Trellance will offer credit unions access to talent in skills areas that include data science, software and data management technologies, user experience, and cloud migration. President and CEO Tom Davis said credit unions need ample support in these areas to stay competitive. 

“Credit unions face stiff competition from new tech-first financial firms who are working aggressively to capture market share from traditional financial services, and too many CUs are losing the battle,” he said. “In this dynamic environment, they need advanced tech practitioners to become more agile in adopting new technology and responding to trends as they emerge. It can be challenging to bring these professionals in-house as full-time employees.”

As a company wholly-owned by credit unions with decades of industry expertise, Davis said Trellance is uniquely positioned to craft a talent offering that addresses pressing industry needs. These include:

  • Hiring, onboarding, and retaining talent with advanced technology skills
  • Managing costs associated with the need for larger, more highly skilled technology departments
  • Shortening go-to-market timelines for technology projects
  • Effectively using and maximizing existing technology investments
  • Rethinking and continually iterating the online experience for members

Trellance expects high demand for its talent services and is significantly expanding its own staff to support the offering. The company is sourcing top technology talent both in the U.S. and around the globe and will provide services through customized engagement models. It has already begun to successfully pilot the service with credit unions, including Credit Union of Colorado.

“Augmenting our team with experienced tech professionals from Trellance allowed us to seamlessly complete the development of new tools, even when faced with a staff shortage,” said Terry Leis, President and CEO of Credit Union of Colorado. “We see it as another avenue that can help us more nimbly seize opportunities and respond to changes with greater ease.”

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