Trellance and Adlumin Partner to Bring Credit Unions Advanced Security and Compliance Reporting Practices

Partnership enables Trellance clients to enhance cloud security with Adlumin Security Operations Platform and MDR Services

Tampa, FL – May 11, 2023 – Trellance, a leading technology partner providing innovative analytics, cloud and talent solutions to credit unions, today announced their partnership with Adlumin, the security operations platform and managed detection and response (MDR) service provider keeping mid-market organizations secure.

Adlumin’s patented, cloud-native Security Operations Platform gives organizations everything they need for comprehensive security including vulnerability scanning, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), threat intelligence, User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), threat hunting, honeypots, automated incident response and forensics, darknet exposure monitoring, compliance reporting and monitoring and more. The platform is feature-rich and built specifically to amplify the skills and capabilities of managed service providers. Adlumin customers can use the platform on their own, partner with managed service providers and/or utilize Adlumin’s MDR services for 24×7 human insights, threat hunting and trusted support.

“As credit unions turn increasingly to cloud-based technology, Trellance helps credit unions navigate that journey to drive better experiences and cost efficiencies for employees and members, emphasizing the importance of adapting security accordingly,” said Jim Adams, Chief Revenue Officer at Adlumin. “Trellance understands how an organization’s exposure to different threats can change with new technologies. By working together, we can ensure that credit unions have the same capabilities that only the world’s largest financial institutions have traditionally been able to implement in their security operations.”

Trellance introduced Cloud as a business line in early 2023, and the partnership with Adlumin will help to ensure the security of products and services Trellance provides, including the flagship Data Warehouse product. The partnership will also allow credit unions who partner with Trellance to add the Adlumin platform to their own systems and processes, adding an extra layer of protection to their systems.

“Expanding this strategic partnership is very exciting for us,” said Steve Bone, Chief Operating Officer at Trellance. “Security is at the heart of everything we do with our credit union clients, and together with Adlumin we have taken our capabilities to a whole new level.”

The partnership with Adlumin was finalized on February 3, and use of their platform can now be purchased in addition to Trellance products.

About Adlumin

Adlumin Inc. provides the enterprise-grade security operations platform and managed detection and response services that keep mid-market organizations secure. With one license and one platform, its patented technology gives organizations and solution providers everything they need for effective threat hunting, incident response, vulnerability management, darknet exposure monitoring, compliance support and much more.

About Trellance

Trellance is a leading technology partner for credit unions, delivering innovative technology solutions to help credit unions achieve more. With a comprehensive suite of analytics, cloud and talent solutions, the Trellance team ensures credit unions increase efficiency, manage risk, and improve member experience. As a tech partner, Trellance ensures that credit unions have access to the latest generation of fintech solutions, filled with powerful tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn more at

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