Trellance and Verrency Announce Partnership to Enable Credit Unions to Drive Innovative New Member Experiences

Enabling Modern Digital Card Services, FinTech Collaboration and Engaging New Member Experiences

Tampa, Fla., (Jan. 7, 2021) – Trellance, the industry leader of data analytics and business intelligence solutions for credit unions today announced a data service partnership with Verrency, a global innovation and engagement platform for financial institutions and payment card issuers. The partnership will leverage the power of Trellance’s premier data analytics platform, M360, with Verrency’s digital Innovation platform and vibrant fintech ecosystem to enable credit unions to seamlessly launch new digital user experiences and deliver personalized digital card services.

Serving more than 1,500 credit unions nationwide and sharing over 30 years of experience, Trellance has helped to empower financial institutions with innovative capabilities that are unmatched by other solutions on the market. Its patented M360 solution is the premier data analytics platform for credit unions, providing valuable insights into members, consumers and operations that elevates customer engagement, boosts brand recognition and saves credit unions time, energy and money.

“We are proud to continue our support of credit unions during these challenging times through our partnership with Verrency,” said Trellance CEO and President Tom Davis. “By combining the power of Verrency and M360, credit unions will experience faster and easier access to actionable insights and innovative solutions that maintain competitiveness and foster relationships, driving membership growth and retention.”

The Verrency platform enables financial institutions to quickly deliver modern digital card services on top of their existing infrastructure, opening the door for rapid delivery of enhanced features and new services without the need to change existing legacy technology or to migrate portfolios, processors or core systems. Verrency powers engagement in the moment-of-payment and provides more than 15 pre-built features such as round-ups (to charity, savings, debt reduction, fractional investment); personalization and dynamic card benefits with real-time power-ups based on choice, tiers, behaviors and attributes; merchant-funded offers; and installment lending (set by the customer before, during or after a transaction). Additionally, Verrency maintains a robust fintech marketplace to deliver a continuous flow of collaborative innovations for banks and credit unions while minimizing risk, cost and time to market.

Through the partnership, credit union clients who leverage Trellance’s M360 data analytics platform can seamlessly integrate Verrency to provide transformative innovations and imperative just-in-time actions. The combination feeds the credit unions with Trellance’s predictive and prescriptive insights and the Verrency experience engine to deliver engaging digital features, offers and services to mitigate attrition, drive acquisition and enhance member engagement. Trellance and Verrency have taken care of the data integration so the credit unions can focus on quickly rolling out a suite of member facing experiences across their membership.

“Credit unions hold a special financial relationship with their members, but disruption and the effects of the pandemic on consumer expectations around digital enablement are forcing financial institutions of all shapes to transform their digital offerings to meet changing consumer preferences,” said Joe Lynam, President of Verrency’s U.S. operations. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Trellance to help credit unions accelerate their digital enablement programs and to provide engaging experiences to drive member growth and loyalty with limited effort and cost.” 

About Verrency

Verrency puts financial institutions back at the center of innovation. Verrency’s modern issuing innovation API platform helps issuers to better engage their customers by delivering a range of hyper-personalized value-added services quickly and easily without changes to existing legacy issuing payments infrastructure or the need to integrate to merchant point-of-sale systems. Verrency also enables connection to third-party services via its extensive FinTech ecosystem with minimal integration efforts. For more information, see

About Trellance

Trellance is the leading provider of data analytics and business intelligence solutions, professional services and consulting for credit unions and community financial institutions. The company’s solutions and services, together with the patented common data model of its signature M360 product, are used by credit unions to find actionable insights, improve member experience and achieve portfolio growth. Founded in 1989, Trellance is headquartered in Tampa, Fla. and serves organizations throughout the United States. For more information, visit To learn more about the Trellance Partner Program, visit

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