Trellance Announces New Cloud Line of Business, Alignment with Emerging Trends for Credit Unions in 2023

The announcement includes the introduction of a new category of cloud services and solutions and an increased focus on meeting the technology needs of credit unions

Tampa, FL – January 18, 2023 – Trellance, a leading technology partner providing innovative analytics, cloud and talent solutions to credit unions, has released its strategic priorities for 2023. The announcement includes a new line of business as well as strategic priorities within existing solutions and services that will allow Trellance to prioritize and align with the needs of credit unions based on emerging trends for 2023.

The planned changes will enable Trellance to embrace their role more fully as an end-to-end technology partner for credit unions, expanding on their role as an analytics partner. Though services had previously been expanded in 2021 with the acquisition of CURise and the addition of a talent service, recent acquisitions of 2020 Analytics and Ongoing Operations have fully rounded out Trellance’s technology offerings.

The addition of the Cloud line of business will allow credit unions to access cloud solutions built and customized for their needs.  Four new offerings, Cloud Solutions, Information Security, Telecom Service, and Disaster Recovery will allow credit unions to reasonably scale and reduce costs.   Further, the overall increased focus on technology will allow Trellance to aid credit unions with automation and reduce redundancies.

Trellance’s acquisitions over the last two years have allowed it to rapidly expand into needed technology areas. As Trellance finalizes the incorporation of its four major acquisitions, former company and product names will be discontinued. Some important name changes to be aware of include:

  • IronSafe will now be Data Extraction Agent
  • M360 will now be known as Data Warehouse
  • CU Compare will now be known as Benchmarking

Use of the former names CURise, 2020 Analytics, Ongoing Operations, CU Compare, and IronSafe will be discontinued early in 2023. “If we truly want to be an end-to-end technology partner for credit unions, it is critical that we become an integrated enterprise that is greater than the sum of the parts,” said Tom Davis, CEO of Trellance. “The full integration of our three lines of business will help us meet any cloud solutions, data, analytics, consulting, and talent needs of credit unions.”

The process of sunsetting former brand names and implementing new product names will begin in January of 2023. Integration efforts of recently acquired companies is ongoing and a major priority for Trellance in 2023. Trellance will be increasing their focus on technology throughout 2023 and in coming years, while simultaneously increasing the ability of their three lines of business to work together to build a suite of technology solutions for credit unions that will allow them to keep up with the rapidly advancing world of financial technology.

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