Trellance Announces Surge of New Clients

Ten Credit Unions Select Trellance for Business Analytics

Tampa, FL (November 2, 2021) — Business analytics leader Trellance has announced their most recent class of new clientele. Ten credit unions have signed on with the data analytics experts to add value for their members, including Central Minnesota Credit Union, CFCU Community Credit Union, Cobalt Credit Union, Del Norte Credit Union, Dort Financial Credit Union, and Fox Communities Credit Union.

Central Minnesota Credit Union has served the Minnesota and North Dakota regions since 1939. Neal Kaderabek, their Chief Digital Information Officer, says that Trellance’s SaaS has helped boost CMCU’s performance optimization strategy. “The transition to Trellance’s SaaS has accelerated our journey to achieve high levels of performance optimization,” he says. “Trellance’s SaaS is expected to enable broader use of business intelligence and data analytics among the CU’s decision-makers, and deliver predictive analytics to increase overall net income for the CU.” At CMCU, the SaaS will send and receive information by integrating with their business systems, including Symitar, Q2, CRMNext, Raddon, Meridian Link, Encompass, nCino, and others.

CFCU Community Credit Union, based in New York, helps more than 70,000 members at 11 locations. Nitin Nagpal, CFCU’s Business Intelligence Manager, says that his institution chose Trellance’s M360 platform for a number of reasons. “Trellance’s credit union and DNA expertise, the pre-built dashboards on the M360 platform, the scalability of the technology, and its predictive modeling were ultimately the primary reasons CFCU decided to sign with Trellance.” Initial goals for CFCU’s business analytics include bringing data together into one central source of truth, implementing automated reporting, and developing business strategies using key insights from data visualizations.

Cobalt Credit Union serves 14 counties across the states of Nebraska and Iowa. Founded in November 1946, the credit union reached $1 Billion in assets in 2018. Andrew Schmillen, CFA, CPA, CGMA, Chief Financial Officer for Cobalt, says they chose M360 for a multitude of reasons. “We appreciated the ability to harvest deeper insight into our members’ habits and behaviors by leveraging an integrated, centrally managed but broadly distributed data base management framework and system,” he says. “Additionally, Trellance M360 is widely recognized and trusted business analysis and data management application within the credit union industry.” Cobalt’s business analytics goals include improving their data governance, data ownership, and data quality control management, reducing duplicate reporting, and improving marketing efforts and an overall understanding of their members’ needs and wants.

Del Norte Credit Union has served New Mexico since 1954, and decided to partner with Trellance because of the business’ intimate understanding of credit unions. In a statement, the credit union said, “Trellance already has clients that use Keystone for their core system, and already has pre-built Power BI dashboards. We’ve already worked with Trellance to develop our Data Management Maturity and Gap Assessment, and we now have a Data Management Roadmap.”

Dort Financial Credit Union began serving the state of Michigan in 1951, and exceeded $1 Billion in assets in 2020. They decided to partner with Trellance to take advantage of M360’s prebuilt dashboards and predictive analytics, and hope to utilize this to enable predictive models and build a data warehouse solution.

Fox Communities Credit Union serves 17 counties at 21 locations in Wisconsin, and their more than 400 employees work with over 100,000 members. They chose to work with Trellance and the M360 platform because of the speed to value it offered with their existing key source systems. They also appreciated Trellance’s experience working with DNA. In a statement, the credit union said, “The Data Gap assessment, user groups, and strategic partnerships offer good opportunities for our institution as we get started on our data journey and effort to develop our data culture.” Moving forward, Fox Communities is looking to align their KPIs and balance data across their organization, remove the bottleneck of ad hoc data requests by adopting the self-serve interactive dashboards in M360, and offer the clearest possible picture to their members and lending team.

“There is a major shift right now in the credit union industry with digital transformation becoming a strategic initiative, and it’s Trellance’s mission to deliver these exciting business analytics tools and strategies,” says Trellance CEO, Tom Davis. “We are helping these credit unions build something that their members will benefit from for years to come.”

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