Trellance Leads the Charge in AI Technology for Credit Unions

Trellance delivers new AI solutions to aid in the credit union mission

Tampa, FL – August 8, 2023 – Trellance, a leading technology partner providing innovative analytics, cloud and talent solutions to credit unions, has taken further steps to invest in AI technology to help credit unions meet the needs of their members. Although they have offered AI-powered solutions for years, Trellance is now delivering new Natural Language Processing and Generative AI -powered solutions to existing clients.

Currently available to existing Trellance Predictive Analytics clients is Q&A functionality, which allows a user to type a plain language query and immediately receive a graph or table of the requested data. This new functionality allows for immediate access to insights without creating complicated, technical queries. The first release of Q&A is now available to existing clients, and a second release will be rolled out to all Data Warehouse customers later this year.

The other AI project that Trellance is working on is still in the laboratory phase and has the potential to be a very powerful tool for credit unions. The solution is currently called CUReg-GPT, and it is a Generative-AI expert tool based on carefully curated sources that allows any credit union employee to have a conversation about regulatory guidelines, with contextual and summarized responses. This provides insightful information to Credit Union staff, enabling regulatory awareness and compliance. At this time CUReg-GPT is only available for private preview – subsequent versions will provide citation capability.

Both initiatives are only part of the next phase of Trellance’s roadmap with AI – which they refer to as ‘Augmented Intelligence’, rather than artificial intelligence. “A lot of people think AI will replace a human worker,” said Daragh Fitzpatrick, Trellance’s Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics. “We don’t think of it that way – it’s not about replacing a human but augmenting how they do their job. AI is a force multiplier for realizing measurable business outcomes from complex data analytics assets, complementing our ‘last mile’ advisory and execution services.”

While Q&A and CUReg-GPT are available as part of the Analytics unit product offerings at Trellance, the Talent and Cloud business units are also offering other AI-powered solutions for credit unions.

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