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Using industry and payment data, the professional services team helps you manage programs, campaigns, proposals, and more. Growth and performance, less risk.

Grow Your Card Portfolio

With card portfolio growth solutions from Trellance, our data experts work as an extension of your staff, planning and implementing promotions throughout a 12-month calendar.

Credit unions using this service realize, on average, YOY growth of 15% on total card revenue, 18% on balances outstanding, and 17% on total card transaction volume. That’s growth EACH year.

Your Peers Are Achieving Results

“Simply put, the Card Portfolio Growth Solution works. Without a doubt it has been the best decision we have made as a credit union for our credit card portfolio. The numbers don’t lie, it has been a great couple of years and we could not have done it without the help of Trellance.”

Clint Gray
VP of Financial Services

Target Qualified Members with Credit Line Increases​

Use data to identify, qualify, and target the right members for credit line increases. With the credit line increase program from Trellance, you can improve your member’s access to credit at the same time you increase revenue.

All with the risk profiles you select. For many credit unions, this is a quick, effective way to grow.

Aquire Brand New Cardholders

The acquisition of new credit card accounts is a key metric for financial growth. The accounts acquisition program from Trellance uses a digital platform, backed by analytics, that helps you boost conversion rates of potential cardholders. The program verifies pre-qualified data then collects additional information required to issue new cards.

What Credit Unions Are Saying

“To be honest, the staff time saved, and the money we’re going to save makes this the best decision we’ve made as company in the current year.”

Dave Kramb
Executive Vice President

Invoice Audit Finds Hidden Savings

How to make sure you receive credits and are not overbilled on invoices? Trellance’s invoice auditing service uses proprietary tracking automation to quickly catch billing errors.

It’s a brilliant alternative to manual reviews that waste time and are prone to error. The pay-for-performance model focuses on your success while limiting risk.

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