New Member Behaviors Energize Old Fraud Trends

Fraud Monitoring and Detection Analytics Proactively Protect Credit Union Members Credit unions confront a new reality that is now shaped by changing member behaviors that are motivated by a national health and economic crisis. Thousands of non-essential brick-and-mortar shopping sites are closed for now. Credit union branches are either closed altogether or available only during […]

Credit Union Data Analytics, Three Factors for Success

Success with credit union data analytics

The credit union industry looks very different now than it did twenty years ago. Now, just think about what credit unions will look like in twenty years. Where does the journey for the next twenty years start? Twenty years ago, it would have been hard to imagine remote deposit capture, peer-to-peer payments, or even mobile […]

The Credit Union Data Analytics Journey: 4 Steps to Success

Data Analytics 4 steps

Data analytics is no longer available only to massive technology corporations and big banks. In fact, with access to enough data, even smaller credit unions can join the fun. With several data analytics platforms that are accessible and affordable, credit unions of nearly any size can start taking advantage of integrated access to data. Plus, […]

The Cost of Building a Data Warehouse for an Analytics Platform

the walls of a data warehouse bathed in green light

Credit unions can benefit significantly from collecting and storing information to leverage Big Data. The cost of building a data warehouse is one of the challenges of applying Big Data and Analytics. If you’re considering building a data warehouse for your credit union, it’s essential to know the costs and on-going upkeep involved. The benefits […]

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