The Data Warehouse is not Enough

Data Warehouses Not Enough

Credit unions are beginning to invest heavily in big data and analytics. When deciding how to allocate funds in this space, leaders are awash with buzzwords and conflicting advice. One of the most common terms used within big data and analytics is “data warehouse.” Deciding whether to build or buy a data warehouse is an […]

Big Data Insights Found in Unexpected Places

Rube Goldberg machine illustration of beakers, test tubes, and funnels

It’s often easy to overlook the obvious. As a team member of Trellance, a company that integrates all of the disparate data sources within a credit union into a single source of truth, I have failed to recognize the value of all the data available to credit unions. At a 2015 CUNA CFO Council Conference, […]

The Credit Union Data Analytics Journey: 4 Steps to Success

Data Analytics 4 steps

Data analytics is no longer available only to massive technology corporations and big banks. In fact, with access to enough data, even smaller credit unions can join the fun. With several data analytics platforms that are accessible and affordable, credit unions of nearly any size can start taking advantage of integrated access to data. Plus, […]

4 Reasons for a Scalable Data Warehouse

How can your credit union meet the rapidly changing data requirements necessary for today’s economy? Scalable data warehouse architecture is vital for the Credit Union Movement.  It gives credit unions the ability to flexibly change and add data to their data warehouse (DW). With a constant flood of technological innovations and regulatory changes, credit unions are continually being […]

The Cost of Building a Data Warehouse for an Analytics Platform

the walls of a data warehouse bathed in green light

Credit unions can benefit significantly from collecting and storing information to leverage Big Data. The cost of building a data warehouse is one of the challenges of applying Big Data and Analytics. If you’re considering building a data warehouse for your credit union, it’s essential to know the costs and on-going upkeep involved. The benefits […]

7 Challenges to Consider When Building a Data Warehouse

Most credit union leaders are familiar with the concept of Big Data and business intelligence. Still, they may fail to fully understand the significance they have on their credit union and its future. Big Data can provide credit unions with the ability to make better decisions that positively affect member relationships and, ultimately, their top and bottom […]

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