Concentration Risk Assessment

A credit union can quantify the strategic risks to serve its members by analyzing the current portfolio risk,…. evaluating the macroeconomic volatility of the geographic areas served, and performing scenario analysis to stress-test the credit risk under the harshest potential conditions.

Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL)

A credit union can streamline its processes for calculating the allowance for credit losses by having access to…. a wide variety of generally accepted CECL methodologies, ranging from sophisticated methodologies driven by loan-level data to less complex methodologies requiring no data input from the credit union.

Loan Re-Pricing & Profitability Analysis

A credit union can use this tool to optimize their risk-based pricing structure by comparing earned interest rates…. to the specific costs of underwriting, approving, funding, and managing various loan products, credit characteristics, and origination channels.

Loan Portfolio Risk Analysis

A credit union can utilize the comprehensive portfolio risk data to analyze the risk by loan type…. and propensity to migrate credit. This allows the credit union to be proactive in deterring losses by completing proactive campaigns and altering loan approval policies to mitigate risk.

Advanced Benchmarking

See How You Stack Up: Trellance’s Advanced Benchmarking product allows you to create customized peer….

Member Retention

A credit union can identify the members at risk of leaving based on their behaviors and level of…. engagement. This use case allows the credit union to implement a targeted approach and work with ‘high-risk’ member groups to reengage and retain them.

Member Risk Score

A credit union can identify the members who are more likely to become delinquent in the future to…. take proactive steps and avoid delinquency management and collection costs.

Member Life Time Value

A credit union can determine members’ actual and future value to target the most valuable members while minimizing…. expenses on less profitable ones.

Member Segmentation

A credit union can segment its members into predefined personas based on their level of engagement and channel…. activity to easily identify members with low engagement and target those groups with specific promotions and engagement campaigns.

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