CUbroadcast and Capitol Credit Union Discuss Trellance’s New Accounts Acquisition Program

Want to learn more about Trellance’s New Accounts Acquisition Program? Fill out the form to speak with an expert about how the new digital platform, backed by analytics, helps you boost conversion rates of potential cardholders.

What’s new in the New Accounts Acquisition Program? 

  • Offers a flexible, customizable direct mail campaign that works in tandem with a unique landing page to help you boost your credit card conversion rate 
  • digital platform that helps your credit union verify the prescreened, pre-qualification data and collect new data that’s required to issue credit cards to new cardholders 
  • Customized reports that list qualified members and provide real-time notifications of completed and incomplete applications. 
  • New program portal that puts you in complete control of direct mail, webpage design and parameters for pre-qualification