Growth Solutions
for Your Card Portfolio

Data-Driven Growth Strategies that Produce Results

This pay-for-performance program is your credit union’s solution to implementing data-driven initiatives. The result? You grow your credit card portfolio while providing even more value to your members.

The Average Credit Union Saw:

15 % YOY Revenue Growth*
17% Total Volume Growth*
18% Total Outstanding YOY*

*based on 2019 metrics

What’s Included in the Program?


  • Credit Line Increase Program
  • New Accounts Acquisition
  • Targeted Usage Campaign

Marketing Campaigns:

  • Balance Transfer
  • Employee Incentive Campaign
  • Usage Campaigns Program

Added Benefits:

  • Annual Metric Review
  • Quarterly Progress Report
  • IronSafe
  • Invoice Audit

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Case Study:
River Valley Credit Union

Learn how River Valley Credit Union is a prime example of how credit unions can effectively grow their card portfolio and boost revenue year-over-year.