Celebrating Get to Know Your Customers Day with Our Credit Unions

January 21st marks National Get to Know Your Customers Day. To celebrate, we are showcasing some of the industry-leading credit unions that have worked with Trellance throughout the years. Check out our collection of case studies below to learn about their digital transformative journeys, creative solutions they employed to solve their challenges, and remarkable successes

M360 Update Adds CECL, Credit Risk Loss and Increased Data Access Capabilities

In July 2020, Trellance committed to delivering quarterly updates designed to help organizations digitally transform their data into customized insights that accelerate business decisions. The July launch’s core premise was increasing access to data, improving insights and the customer experience, and creating an ecosystem to support digital transformations to help community financial institutions pivot frequently,

A Letter From the CEO: A Year of Challenges and Opportunity

Last year I wrote that it was hard to believe it’s the end of another year. In contrast, this year sometimes felt it would never end. It’s cliché to say that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, both personally and professionally, but it’s true – and I want to thank everyone who weathered the

4 Marketing Strategies to Lead Your Credit Union to Success in 2021

Blending data, digital strategies, customer journey, and employee engagement to keep your brand top-of-mind and gain success in 2021. 2021 is almost here, and like many of us, most credit unions are eager to put this year behind them. Unfortunately, you can’t take COVID-19 out of the picture as you plan your marketing strategies for

Why Credit Unions Are Heading to the Cloud in 2021

The benefits of cloud computing have become a hot topic in data analytics technology over the last few years. Savvy organizations across various industries have recognized cloud-based technologies for their potential and capitalized on them to stay competitive. Now, the time has come for credit unions to join the cloud revolution. The power of the

An Ounce of Retention is Worth a Pound of Profitability

Cardholder retention efforts spring to life the moment a member signs on for a credit card with your credit union. Great member service, timely communications and strategic card initiatives lead to enduring and profitable relationships built on confidence, trust and loyalty. Interested in gauging your credit union’s cardholder retention rate? Here’s a simple calculation: (Number

Resilience in 2020 Shapes Strategies for Service, Growth and Retention in 2021

The logistical and economic challenges presented by a business landscape turned upside-down due to a national health crisis that have tested every credit union’s ability to improvise, adapt and overcome to serve members and prepare for a strategic planning cycle clouded by uncertainty. Credit unions know now that they have survived and thrived against all

M360’s Powerful New Update Supercharges Your Business Decisions

By Paolo Teotino The latest Trellance M360 release, the most comprehensive update in the platform’s history, empowers organizations by digitally transforming their data into customized insights that accelerate business decisions. This comprehensive update offers new tools to boost customer engagement, elevates brand recognition, and saves community financial institutions time, energy and money. These updates happen

New Member Behaviors Energize Old Fraud Trends

Fraud Monitoring and Detection Analytics Proactively Protect Credit Union Members Credit unions confront a new reality that is now shaped by changing member behaviors that are motivated by a national health and economic crisis. Thousands of non-essential brick-and-mortar shopping sites are closed for now. Credit union branches are either closed altogether or available only during

Do Right by Your Data and Your Data Will Do Right by You

Trustworthy Data Correlates to Sharper Insights from Analytics, Better Member Service and Lower Cost Structures in All Business ConditionsBy Merrill Albert, Data Services Delivery Director Apart from a credit union’s members, the member data it stores in multiple systems and databases represent its next most valuable asset. But some credit unions may struggle to successfully

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