What is Your Credit Union’s Digital IQ?

As the digital revolution continues to change how we interact with members, your credit union must consider its digital IQ. A digital IQ is how much technology your credit uses and how well it uses it; a credit union that uses only a little technology, but uses it effectively, might have a higher digital IQ

Growing Deposits with A Personalized Approach

The following is an article written by Trellance’s SVP of Augmented Intelligence, Daragh Fitzpatrick. It includes contributions from John Wagner, Director of Strategic Consulting at Trellance, and Mandy Zubrick, Marketing Solutions Analyst at Trellance. It originally appeared on CUInsight.com. Liquidity challenges have been a top concern for credit unions and members for some time now,

Creating Healthy Members to Create a Healthy Credit Union

The best thing about working in a members-first industry is that when we invest in our members, we invest in ourselves. Credit unions who prioritize the financial wellbeing of their members build on that success over time to create a healthier outlook themselves. So, what makes a healthy member, and how can your credit union

Niche Skills and Scalable Solutions: Addressing the Talent Gap

The following is an article written by Trellance’s Chief Services Officer, Asha Connors. It originally appeared on CUInsight.com. The “Great Resignation” may be over, but the talent gap in the credit union industry persists. While there may be a larger pool of applicants, finding the right fit with the specific skills and experience your credit

How Credit Unions Can Navigate Current Macroeconomic Trends

The following is an article written by Trellance’s Vice President of Lending & Regulatory Analytics, Dan Price. It originally appeared on CUInsight.com. We recently passed the four-year anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and though the pandemic is behind us, we continue to feel its aftershocks. Notably, the ripples of the pandemic are

The Importance of Conducting Tabletop Exercises at Your Credit Union

Being prepared for a continuity event involves more than just having a plan in place and distributing it to the team. Your credit union should run periodic tabletop exercises, where credit union executives and other team members review how the credit union would respond in the event of a cyber-attack, natural disaster, terrorist attack or

The BI Development Lifecycle

The following is an article written by Trellance Senior National Sales Executive, Maggie Chopp. It originally appeared on CUInsight.com. Behind every functional dashboard, crisp report and modern interface is a development process. Your credit union participates in the data development lifecycle every single day, regardless of whether it’s considered a formal process. We’re going to

4 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Cloud

The season of love is upon us, and your credit union needs love as much as your friends and significant other. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, check out these four reasons to fall in love with the cloud, and look into some cloud computing options for your credit union. 1. Keep Your

Are We Approaching a Deflationary Period?

The following is an article written by Trellance’s Vice President of Lending & Regulatory Analytics, Dan Price. It originally appeared on CUInsight.com. As interest rates and inflation begin to level out, discussions have begun to turn towards the future of the economy. Some speculate that risk of a deflationary period may be just around the

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