Is Fractional Staff Augmentation the Right Choice for Your Credit Union?

The following is an article written by Trellance’s Chief Services Officer, Steve Kass. It originally appeared on Staff augmentation is a convenient way to get the talent your credit unions need to round out a team; it’s not a new concept and it has a proven track record. Lately, though, there’s been a lot of

Credit Union Spotlight: Driving Results with a Member Survey

Last month, Trellance hosted three webinars that highlighted three credit unions that are using data to drive change and innovation in their credit unions. We started the series with Maps Credit Union, who demonstrated how they were able to use a member survey to uncover areas for improvement in their branches. Let’s look at how

3 Reasons Your Credit Union Should Audit its Vendors

Vendor relationships can be an amazing benefit for your credit union; they can help improve member experience, be a pillar of your internal infrastructure or aid in the development of new offerings or solutions.  In the absence of a crystal ball, vendors also pile up as you cobble together a set of solutions that you

Introducing Your New Copilot – What Credit Unions Need to Know About Microsoft’s New AI

The following is an article written by Trellance’s Cloud Chief Technology Officer, Hugh Smallwood, and Cloud Chief Operating Officer, Shane Butcher. It originally appeared on After ChaptGPT’s release in November of 2022, many of the major tech companies started racing to release their own AI. Google released Bard, Meta released Sandbox and now Microsoft

Selecting a CECL Partner: 5 Green Flags

Is your CECL vendor getting you down? Switch to Trellance for elevation. With over half the year gone and Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) audits looming around the corner, if your credit union hasn’t already found a CECL partner, it’s not too late to find a match – or maybe you’re looking for something more.

Back Testing Your Credit Union’s Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Estimate

At the start of 2023, credit unions with calendar year end financial statements were required to adopt the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) methodology to quantify life of loan charge offs. As credit unions get closer to the first audits of this strategy, it’s important that they understand the value of CECL back-testing and validation.

Building Better Data Today

The following is an article written by Trellance’s President and CEO, Tom Davis. It originally appeared on When it comes to data, quantity is almost as important as quality. It is through the massive amount of labeled data that platforms such as ChatGPT are possible. What could credit unions achieve if they had access

Maximizing Your Credit Union’s Budget with Offshore Talent

The following is an article written by Trellance’s Chief Services Officer, Steve Kass. It originally appeared on As of yet, the US has not announced that it has entered a recession or that a recession has already occurred, but the phrase “do more with less” is being thrown around with increasing regularity. You may

How Credit Unions Can Prepare for the Twists and Turns of the 2023 Economy

The economy has taken some wild and unpredictable turns since 2020 and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. When quarantines first began and businesses all over the country – the world – began to close their doors, many of us believed this would be the beginning of a financial crisis like we’ve never seen before.

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