One Intelligent Platform,
Many Intelligent Options

Trellance M360 is a multi-source data platform, built for financial institutions. From data integration to configurable dashboards for the entire organization, the patented capabilities of Trellance M360 set the standard. You’ll find hidden opportunities and monetizable moments in your organization’s transactions. In the cloud, on premise, or hybrid – intelligent features at your fingertips. Powerful data, powerful decision-making.

Trellance M360 in the cloud

Trellance M360 in the cloud offers speed and scale – faster updates, faster implementation in a secure environment. No need to buy hardware, set it up, or manage it onsite. Just sign in and go. Plus, you can configure the solution and manage data in ways that work best for you. We do the heavy-lifting, you reap the rewards.

  • Automatic software updates/upgrades Automatic software updates/upgrades
  • Quick implementations Quick implementations
  • Pre-built BI dashboards Pre-built BI dashboards
  • Faster time to insights Faster time to insights
  • Access to industry-wide insights Access to industry-wide insights
  • Seamless data integration Seamless data integration
  • No upfront hardware costs No upfront hardware costs
  • No ongoing maintenance costs No ongoing maintenance costs
  • Reduced cost of ownership Reduced cost of ownership
  • Time savings for staff Time savings for staff
Trellance M360 on premise

The Trellance M360 on premise version allows you to buy hardware, set it up, and manage it in your environment – your servers, your expertise. Add proprietary code from Trellance, and you’ll be on your way to data analytics and market insights. Onsite data, onsite results.

  • Hardware ownership Hardware ownership
  • Additional data controls Additional data controls
  • Frequent software updates Frequent software updates
  • Pre-built BI dashboards Pre-built BI dashboards
  • Implementation management from Trellance Implementation management from Trellance

The New M360
Update Has Arrived

Discover M360’s latest update with CECL
and credit risk loss reports, increased access to data, additional core banking connectors and ancillary system integrations, new visualization capabilities, and more. Available now.

The Credit Union of Tomorrow, Today

A multi-source data platform with dozens of customizable dashboards for every team member in your credit union. Whether you’re connecting multiple sources or looking for a single view of your data, the patented common data model sets the industry standard. Powerful, intelligent features at your fingertips.

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One Solution Meets Many Needs:


Measure daily branch performance using staff sales metrics for loans, deposits, certificates, checking, and savings.


Detect fraud using algorithms designed to alert responsible parties.


Revolutionize the lending processes through transaction-level portfolio analysis and predictive analytics.


Leverage credit card transaction data to learn more about members and better serve their needs.


Manage key financial ratios including weighted average rates, liquidity, cost of funds, and dividend expenses.


Complete indirect lending management, including risk, dealer analysis, and profitability.


Perform detailed analytics on general ledger data updated daily.


Perform detailed analytics on digital banking (online and mobile).


Measure member value for strategic marketing that attracts the right members.


View all of your member’s transactions in one location, regardless of where they occur or the system used.


Analyze the success of the credit union’s business activities.


Monitor the changing membership demographics of your credit union.

Credit Unions Prefer M360

Learn more about Trellance M360 with this product overview.

What Credit Union Leaders
Are Saying

“Trellance M360 was able to help us by looking at our transaction data which was very beneficial in determining what profitability looks like.”

Alisha JR Johnson
Sr. VP Marketing, Sales, and Service

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