The Member Data Platform

A single solution for credit union data management. Trellance M360 has patented capabilities so that you can understand your members and your opportunities. Many uses, many benefits.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Member Insights
  • Data Integration
  • Core Conversions
  • Multi-source Data

Solutions for Your Whole Team

Data is transforming the consumer finance industry. To stay ahead of a rapidly changing landscape, credit unions are investing in new technologies and processes. With software, professional services, and consulting, many of your peers use data solutions from Trellance to tackle this challenge. Explore some of the benefits for each department or role:

CEOs and Boards

Chief executives and boards use data to drive growth and governance. And to enable success in each department.

Information Technology

CTOs and CIOs are enabling credit unions with a new generation of data platforms. Smarter, more scalable solutions.

Finance and Operations

CFOs and COOs are addressing growth, expenses, and vendor oversight in new ways. Accurate, more nimble.

Lending and Credit

Lending officers and card administrators are growing portfolios with new campaigns. New applicants, managed risk.


CMOs and growth officers are profiling, targeting, and winning new members. Predicting consumer behavior.

Member Experience

Experience officers are improving member understanding, engagement, and satisfaction.

Analytic Software

Services and Programs

Data Consulting

See M360 live

Trellance makes your evaluation process easy. Schedule a demo, and we’ll share how you can further improve member experience and operational efficiency with M360.