Data Management Consulting

Trellance offers the most extensive data management consulting practice in the industry – addressing people, process and technology at each stage of data program maturity.

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Step 1

Analyze your credit union’s current data management maturity status

Step 2

Define your credit union’s target data maturity status

Step 3

Identify areas of opportunity in your data management practice

Step 4

Create a plan to optimize pieces of the data management framework

Comprehensive Consulting Services

A data consulting practice built for credit unions, covering all essential disciplines. Governance, data quality, analytics, and more.

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Data Governance addresses overarching support to data management through stewardship, policies, and procedures.

Data Privacy supports the organization’s ability to manage what data can be shared internally and with third parties.

Analytics transforms data into valuable insights and decision-making capabilities to add value to the organization.

Data Lifecycle builds the correct process and flow so data can maintain its integrity through the data supply chain.

Data Architecture provides a framework that facilitates the storage, integration, and use of data in the organization.

Metadata helps data be managed more efficiently by providing key information about data attributes.

Data Quality allows data to be used for its original purpose and provides organizational confidence as data is used.

Data is a Credit Union’s Most Valuable Asset

From data governance to data quality and beyond, Trellance delivers on both strategic consulting and execution to achieve data management best practices. Whether you’re just establishing your data management processes or looking to improve existing practices, our consultants help you accelerate your data journey.

Accelerate Your Data Journey.

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What Credit Unions are Saying

“We learned lessons from our data management gap assessment that are helping us with our approach as transition to data-driven decisions. Now, we have a data strategy and a roadmap, and we’re closing gaps. We are updating our processes and policies, updating roles and responsibilities.”

Sonya Jaynes

Chief Financial Officer
Red River Federal Credit Union