Accelerate success in your data journey

Data Management Consulting

Trellance offers the most extensive data management consulting practices for credit unions – addressing people, process, and technology.

We analyze your credit union’s current data management status and define areas of improvement to ensure a successful and sustainable data management practice.

Evaluate your data management status

Receive a custom, high-level roadmap outlining key actions you can take to adhere to data best practices – and work toward achieving a desirable data management maturity level.

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Get your credit union on track to achieve your data goals.

Diagnose Current State

Analyze your credit union's current data management maturity status

Define Target State

Define your credit union's target data management maturity status

Identify Gaps

Identify gaps and areas of opportunity in your data management practice

Create High-Level Roadmap

Create a high-level roadmap to take your credit union to your desired date management maturity status

Achieving your goals with seven data disciplines

Begin a one-month engagement to put your credit union on the fast track to success in your data journey. Better data mangement practices can help improve your member experience and grow your revenue.

We assess 71 unique criteria within seven key data management disciplines to arm your credit union with the information you need to succeed.

Data Governance provides overarching support through stewardship, policies, processes, standards, and adherence to data management leading practices.

Analytics transforms data into valuable insights and decision-making capabilities for teams throughout the organization.

Data Privacy supports the organization’s ability to manage what data can be shared internally and with third parties.

Data Lifecycle provides the correct process and flow so that data can maintain its integrity through the data supply chain.

Data Governance Data Architecture Metadata Data Quality Data Lifecycle Data Privacy Data Management Analytics

Data Architecture provides the infrastructure for the storage, integration, and use of data throughout the organization.

Metadata allows leaders to use data more efficiently by providing key information about
data attributes.

Data Quality ensures your data is complete and a good fit for operations, processes, and decision making.

See how data management practices can help improve your member experiences

Building a successful data practice

As a credit union, your most valuable asset is your data. But how that data is managed can be the difference between success and failure.

Whether you’re just establishing your data management processes or looking to improve existing practices, data management consulting can help you accelerate your data journey. 

Customizing solutions to fit your needs

Your credit union may be more mature in some data management disciplines than others, which is why Trellance provides customizable solutions that focus on specific areas needed for improvement.

Choose between the seven data disciplines and what you feel best suits your credit union.

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