Everything Trellance Showed at GAC 2021

Couldn’t make it to this year’s GAC? Attended but missed some Trellance sessions or just want a refresher? Below you will find all nine of Trellance’s pre-recorded boardroom and roundtable sessions on-demand and available at your convenience.

Collaborative Analytics:
Trellance + Prisma Campaigns + FlowTracker Analytics Partnering to Accelerate the Credit Union Data
Collaborative Analytics Webinar Recording

Leaders in the credit union industry share their thoughts on how member expectations have changed partially as a result of the “new normal” created by the pandemic, and how collaboration of industry forces can meet those demands. 

How to Lead a Data Driven Culture:
Your Path to Prescriptive Analytics Starts at the Top
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Your path to prescriptive analytics starts at the top. Learn from a lead data scientist at Trellance on how to start and establish a data-driven culture in your organization.

How the Trellance and CU Rise Merger Benefits the Credit Union Industry
Trellance & CU Rise Merger Benefits Webinar

Trellance and CU Rise bring together two data analytics portfolios of services focused on predictive modelling and data science in the credit union space.

Realizing Peak Credit Card Growth Using Data
Realizing Peak Credit Card Growth Webinar

Discover how to incorporate better data insights into your portfolio growth management strategies, enabling you to be more effective in promoting maturation and profitability

The Data Analytics Journey:
What It Takes To Embrace the Data Opportunity
The Data Analytics Journey Webinar

Credit unions are in a perfect place to take advantage of the data analytics journey with the simple ability to collaborate. Learn from the experts how to initiate and navigate the data analytics journey.

Data Analytics in Action: M360 Insights Demo
M360 in Action Demo

Get a firsthand demonstration of Trellance’s M360 data analytics program, including the features and capabilities of the platform that provides actionable data analytics to credit unions.

Effective Marketing Channels to Help Stimulate Portfolio Growth in 2021
Effective Marketing Channels

Learn the right marketing channels to target at your credit union in 2021 and discover what actions to take to help stimulate card portfolio growth through effective analytics strategies.

Small Investments in Data Quality Lead to Big Returns
Small Investments in Data Quality

Learn the steps, tools and techniques credit unions should take and use to start the journey toward higher quality data.

How Can Credit Unions Leverage Predictive Analytics?
How Credit Unions can Leverage Predictive Analytics Webinar

Predictive analytics develop accurate insights into future member behaviors. Get a detailed peek into what lies ahead to develop targeted business strategies that strengthen member relationships.

Interested in learning more about Trellance’s acquisition of CU Rise, new Trellance products and features, and the product roadmap? Download the Trellance Product Portfolio pdf.

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