KeyStone Forms Obstacles: Quick Solutions for Common Challenges

In this post, we tackle some of the most frequent forms obstacles faced by KeyStone users and provide quick and efficient solutions.

Unexpected/Missing Form Field Value

Solution: Review the FDF file

In KeyStone, FDF files are temporary files that are used in conjunction with PDF files to send specific data from KeyStone into the fields of PDF form templates. FDF files provide an efficient way to transfer data to forms in KeyStone, but also can be leveraged as a useful troubleshooting tool when needing to investigate and adjust an unexpected or missing field value.

Steps to review the FDF file:

  1. Produce the Form in KeyStone.
  2. Quickly navigate to:
    C:\Users\COMPUTER USERNAME\AppData\Local\Corelation\KeyStone\forms
  3. Here you will see 2 files (FDF and PDF).
  4. Open the FDF with Notepad to review the raw data.


  • The first value in parentheses indicates Field Mapping, while the second represents the data sent from KeyStone (e.g., <</T(PRIMARY_PERSON_SERIAL_DESCRIPTION)/V(Smith,Adam)>>).
  • Keep the folder open during form production as temporary files disappear swiftly.

Loan Computation Exceptions

Possible Cause #1: Open-ended Loan

KeyStone cannot generate calculated values for open-ended loans, as figures fluctuate throughout the loan’s lifespan.


Review and modify Loan Projected form fields (“PROJ_” prefix). Create separate form versions for closed-end and open-end loans, modifying form fields accordingly. Ensure correct naming and Loan Projection Option settings.

Possible Cause #2: Externally Processed Loan

If a user is receiving the Loan Computation Exception and it is accompanied by “Cannot compute externally processed loan” this indicates that the loan type within the loan request has been configured as “Externally processed”. KeyStone cannot calculate terms on externally processed loans.


Adjust the Loan Projection Option to “None” and follow prior steps to modify “Loan Projected” form fields.

The Infamous "HTTP 500 - Unknown Error"

Worry not, the most frequent cause for this error during form production is a missing PDF template, typically due to simple user oversight.


Upload the mapped PDF to the form type’s template.

These common issues and easy-to-implement solutions have helped numerous clients just like you. If your credit union experiences any KeyStone Forms challenges, requires assistance with projects, has questions, or needs general forms training, contact the Trellance team today to connect with our KeyStone SMEs.

Adam Lucier is a Keystone business analyst at Trellance. 

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