M360 Update Adds CECL, Credit Risk Loss and Increased Data Access Capabilities

Trellance is committed to delivering quarterly updates designed to help organizations digitally transform their data into customized insights that accelerate business decisions. The July launch’s core premise was increasing access to data, improving insights and the customer experience, and creating an ecosystem to support digital transformations to help community financial institutions pivot frequently, build resiliency, and adapt to rapidly accelerating changes.

Trellance is proud to announce the latest innovations for the M360 data analytics platform, scheduled to roll out to clients over the coming months.

These latest releases deliver key enhancements and innovations that will further enable credit unions to stay productive, regardless of the situation. These new enhancements also demonstrate Trellance’s ability and commitment to deliver a product roadmap based on the strategic directions identified in July.

Increasing Access to Data

Over the last few months, Trellance has continued to work tirelessly to further expand the portfolio of connectors for the M360 platform. New enhancements include the addition of ShareOne – New Solutions to the core banking system, and the expansion of the core banking system connectors portfolio with the addition of Fiserv Spectrum. As a result, M360 now supports seven core banking systems across a variety of vendors. These expanded capabilities make M360 the market-leading data analytics platform by number of available integrations and implemented clients.

In addition to the expansion of the core systems portfolio, M360 added four new integrations to ancillaries’ systems. By integrating with Q2 to support the digital banking needs of the community financial institutions and by extending the payments portfolio with FIS BASE2000®, FIS TBS and enabling VISA DPS is an in-house/pass-through credit card processing system, M360 now opens new opportunities for clients to integrate their credit card portfolio into the platform. These new connectors are particularly important in the current COVID-19 environment where financial institutions have limited possibilities to interact with their members outside of a digital channel for both member experience and payments needs.

Furthermore, the updates to M360 add a new business domain by including the collection information that enables financial institutions to monitor all their collection activities. This functionality helps credit unions spot patterns in their member repayment and identify the next best collection action for an overall improved performance of their collection activities.

Improving Insights and the Member Experience

Building on the momentum of 2020’s significant enhancements, Trellance continued expanding dashboards and insights delivered by M360. The latest updates feature the launch of new Tableau® dashboards and a Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) report available in both Microsoft PowerBi and Tableau®. With the inclusion of CECL reports, financial institutions on the M360 platform now have the ability to predict their expected credit loss within their entire loan/credit card portfolio.

Other exciting additions are planned for the first half of 2021, including powerful updates to the platform visualizations capabilities for cloud customers thanks to a seamless integration with a market leading visualization solution. This powerful update will further boost the M360’s data manipulation and visualization capabilities for credit unions.

See this powerful new M360 update in-action, watch our recent webinar now on-demand.

Ecosystem for Digital Transformations

In July the Trellance Partner Program was announced to establish an ecosystem of certified applications to support the digital transformation journey of community financial institutions. Six months later, the number of participants in the program has more than doubled. Leading organizations in the credit union industry such Allied Solutions, CU 2.0Symitar and Verrency have recognized the value of offering integrated solution with M360, enabling the platform to deliver more value to members and increase community financial institutions’ operational efficiencies.

Looking Ahead

While 2020 was a year of massive innovation and expansion for Trellance, the focus in 2021 will be around an even better user experience and best-in-class SaaS solution. The growing demand for cloud-based data analytics and insights will continue next year, likely accelerated by new experiences and habits formed during COVID-19. The launch of predictive analytics will continue to elevate M360 and its value, as predictive analytics will enable credit unions to integrate with Trellance apps and trigger actions more seamlessly without any human interaction necessary. This will provide more insights to community financial institutions, allowing them to act faster, better utilize data, and be more responsive

Are you ready to supercharge your organization’s data? Learn more about trends and solutions to make an impact at your credit union during Trellance’s 2021 Digital Series.

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