Trellance Opens New Office in Bangalore, India

From the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India, Trellance Will Expand High-Tech Talent and Products, Launch MyTalentCenter

Tampa, FL – June 21, 2022 – This month, business analytics and talent services company Trellance celebrated the opening of its new office in Bangalore, India. The 30,000-square foot space is expected to house 225 new employees within the next 12-18 months, who will support the company’s recently launched Talent Services division. Staff in Bangalore will possess a broad spectrum of the industry’s in-demand, high-tech skills such as cloud computing, programming, data engineering, data analyst, data scientist, core system developers, business intelligence, visual dashboarding, and system infrastructure.

As part of the Bangalore office, Trellance is launching a new concept called MyTalentCenter. Through MyTalentCenter, a credit union can establish offshore resources in a highly-managed environment. Trellance replicates a credit union’s tailored infrastructure and highly secure protocols, while providing a separate physical place for dedicated talent resources with 24/7 monitoring. MyTalentCenter services are flexible and scalable.

Trellance President and CEO Tom Davis was in Bangalore for the ribbon-cutting, and said the new office is an important part of the company’s strategic global vision. “We are efficiently bringing the credit union industry the advanced technology and talent it needs to remain competitive in financial services,” he said. “We’re joining hundreds of U.S. companies that have a strategic presence in Bangalore to leverage its rich information technology resources for the benefit of our credit union clients.”

Bangalore is the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka, a global center for the information technology industry. More than 2,000 IT companies have a presence in Karnataka, including 87 global Fortune 500 companies. The state also houses top-tier engineering and technical institutions, resulting in a large, highly-skilled talent base.

Paresh Shah, Trellance’s Offshore Delivery Officer and India Managing Director, will oversee Trellance operations in India. Shah spent 16 years working in the U.S. telcom industry, and has spent the past 17 years in various Indian cities, including Bangalore, helping U.S. companies establish an offshore presence. He said Trellance’s investments in India will provide credit unions with unique competitive advantages that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

“India has a large population of highly-educated, English-speaking tech workers who are well-equipped for the global business world,” Shah said. “There is a significant cost efficiency advantage that allows credit unions to leverage three to four times more resources in U.S. dollars, which is very tough to replicate.”

Paresh went onto say that though there may be other service providers with an India presence, Trellance is set apart by its singular focus and deep expertise in the credit union industry. “Our team members understand the industry, its processes, workflows, and the specific types of innovation that are needed,” he said.

India also has a modern IT infrastructure that enables high levels of security and the ability for global teams to work seamlessly. Additionally, the time zone differences between the U.S. and India, which are often half a day, allow for nearly round-the-clock business continuity.

This is the second office for Trellance in India. Its first India office in Ahmedabad is located in the western state of Gujarat and has approximately 65 employees. Trellance is currently building another office in the city that will hold up to 180 employees.

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