Trellance Partner Program Spotlight: Profit Resources

Join us as we discuss the benefits of the Trellance Partner Program – a growing partner network unlike anything else available – and how it connects you to a diverse community of leaders like our featured guest, Profit Resources. We’ll also demonstrate how Profit Resources’ ProfitMagnifier combines with Trellance M360 to make your credit union more profitable. 

New Webcast:
Date: January 14, 2021 
Time: 2pm-3pm Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-04:00) 

 What You Can Expect: 

How the Trellance Partner Program: 

  • Creates an ecosystem to support credit union movement and industry competitiveness 
  • Increases the number of credit unions on the M360 platform, facilitating collaborative analytics and faster time to insights 
  • Reduces time, cost and complexity of implementing partners’ solutions 

How Trellance M360 integrates with Profit Resources’ ProfitMagnifier to: 

  • Retain and deepen your relationships with your most profitable members 
  • Add more members who look like your most profitable ones 
  • Cross-sell your least profitable members your most profitable products, so they become more profitable 
Profit Resources and Trellance