Trellance Introduces 12 Additional Dashboards

That’s More Ways to Better Understand your Members and drive strategic initiatives.

No matter where you are along your data journey, the odds are good that you have been fascinated by the wonders of the dashboard. They are the frothy dessert of the Data Analytics universe: the results.

Trellance takes pride in our dashboards (and we’ve got more than most.) They are clean, simple, data-rich, customizable and they represent weeks of man hours you didn’t have to commit to – because the work has all been done for you.

The perfect accessory to your M360 Software
Trellance is introducing an impressive 12 more dashboards to our offering, designed to help you understand your members’ habits and needs regarding Digital Banking and Collections.

Insights for Digital Banking include understanding how members interact with you so you can meet their needs through informed decisions. We help you find ways to successfully target these members (especially young members) to encourage and expedite digital use and reduce overhead.

For Collections, these carefully designed new dashboards were created to tell you exactly how much is in collections, and where each dollar is so you understand your exposure at any moment. You can also identify trends by age, tenure, product and collection stage to understand expected loss, refine future loan decision making and collection procedures to reduce loss and remain on top of delinquent accounts.

One-stop Shopping for All Your Dashboard Needs
Our dashboards are chock full of the benefits – in all of the areas you need them. It’s one-stop shopping, everything you’ve asked for – including customization. The new dashboards join our comprehensive library of dashboards that look at loan trends, loan pool balance, portfolio balance trends, key member data, and much more. Our new dashboards offer ways to reduce loan loss, improve retention and remain relevant to your members in a digital world .

You have all of your valuable data analytics front and center.

As a bonus cherry on top, we created a FREE Data Dictionary dashboard to help you understand each data point that is available to you. Our Data Dictionary Dashboard is available in our Online App Store. You’re welcome!

Best of all, they are each perfectly compatible with our M360 software for a seamless experience. Dashboards are currently available and we’ve made purchasing even easier with a 20% discount through March 31st Get your discount code through your Client Success Manager.

Visit our App Store to check out the options. You can purchase any dashboard app online, or if you have a question, you can contact your dedicated Client Success Manager.

Trellance is a proud Trusted Cloud Provider through the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA.)

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