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AI for Credit Unions

The following is an article written by Trellance’s Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics, Daragh Fitzpatrick. It originally appeared on

Artificial intelligence is already dominating mindshare at all levels, and credit unions need to be prepared to take advantage of the power AI has to offer. Our upcoming webinar with CUInsight will give credit union leaders a starting point for their AI journey, including preparing them to avoid pitfalls and presenting specific use cases. We will specifically look at how to prepare for AI in credit unions, including building a foundation of people, process, technology and more.

The explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) almost a year ago has changed how we look at business. Everyone, from marketers to manufacturers is looking at how to incorporate AI into their businesses, and credit unions are no exception. In the past year, we have traversed almost the entire hype cycle of AI; we started with inflated expectations: AI was going to revolutionize how we work, it was going to make everything cheaper and faster and completely replace previously human-lead departments. Then we reached disillusionment, when everyone realized those articles created by generative AI systems didn’t read quite right, or when we saw just how much art AI generators struggled with hands.

But now that we’ve been through the hype phase and the disillusionment phase, we can move to action. We’ve seen what AI can do, what it’s still learning to do, and now we need to find places to implement it in our credit unions. Disillusionment or not, AI is still going to affect the future of how we do business.

Practical AI Usage

If we’re looking past the AI hype, what are the practical uses? While AI cannot replace your human workers – and nor would we want it to – it can modify how they work. Think of AI not as artificial intelligence, but augmented intelligence. AI can be used to increase your staff’s efficiency, reduce busywork and generate insights into your membership.


AI can help to speed up your credit union’s existing processes. AI can be used to identify members who are most likely to respond positively to a marketing campaign or those who are most likely to default on a payment. Using AI to review your members and what they’re most likely to do in the future can help your credit union to plan accordingly, allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive.

Reduce Busywork

Your credit union likely has repetitive tasks that need to be completed periodically in order to keep things running smoothly. AI programs can be used to do these things for you, freeing up employees to focus on more essential work. AI can be used to regularly run your credit union’s reports and distribute them to the necessary parties. Some AI programs can also be used to take meeting notes in virtual meetings, including generating action items, so that you no longer need to assign notetaking to a team member.

Generate Insights

When your AI program is generating your reports, you can also have it identify changes in member trends, such as increased member spending or a decrease in deposits. Having AI automatically generate these insights for your credit union can allow you to focus on creating a response to these insights, such as a marketing campaign to increase deposits, rather than spending time trying to identify them in the first place.

AI in Action

Getting started with AI begins with identifying your credit union’s needs. To learn more about AI in action, register for our upcoming webinar with CUInsight on October 18th at 1:00PM, where we’ll take a deeper look at how AI works, how it’s improved in the last year, and how it can help your credit union achieve more.

Daragh Fitzpatrick is the Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics at Trellance. 

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