Merchant Analytics
Merchant Analytics

Merchant Analytics

Merchant Analytics gives credit unions a view of where their members are spending money. Analyzing information about merchants allows credit unions to develop a deeper understanding of their members and the community they are located within. Merchant Analytics also gives users the ability to ask questions about locations, dates and account numbers.
Users are able to analyze members’ debit card transaction by adjusting parameters.
Example Report Results

Potential value gleaned from Merchant Analytics includes:
Spending Trends

  • Members spend differently throughout their life and trends can give you a great indication of a life event.

Fraud Management

  • Identifying spending patterns allows credit unions to identify fraud
  • Monitoring merchants who have had a recent breach will allow credit unions the ability to address only the members who are at risk of fraud at specific merchants.

Branch Expansion Strategy

  • Identifying the places that members frequent provides valuable insight into potential branch locations.

Merchant Partnerships

  • Identifying merchants to partner with on certain promotions can be done through Merchant Analytics.

Information limited by Imagination

  • The valuable insights gained from this app are only limited by your imagination. Think about all the ways this could bring innovation to your credit union.

The report results display the following data fields:
Share Account ID: The member’s share account ID they are using their debit card from.
Address: Street address of the merchant
City: City where the merchant is located.
State: State where the merchant is located.
Amount: Total dollar amount of the transaction.
Transaction Note 1: Transaction Type notes
Transaction Branch: Branch where the transaction is credited.
Date of Transaction: Date the transaction occurred.
Transaction Type Code: Internal code of the transaction ID
Users are able to analyze members’ debit card transaction by adjusting the following parameters:
Start Date: Earliest transaction date limit.
End Date:   Latest transaction date limit.
Transaction Location: Any part of a merchant name.  If the text entered into these parameters is in the text of the Merchant name, the report will populate all transactions from merchants with this text.
Share Account ID: The user can input any part of the Share Account ID(s) they are interested in.
*Check the “NULL” box if you want all transactions from that field.

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