M360’s Powerful New Update Supercharges Your Business Decisions

By Paolo Teotino

The latest Trellance M360 release, the most comprehensive update in the platform’s history, empowers organizations by digitally transforming their data into customized insights that accelerate business decisions. This comprehensive update offers new tools to boost customer engagement, elevates brand recognition, and saves community financial institutions time, energy and money.

These updates happen against the backdrop of unprecedented change and disruption that has forced community financial institutions to pivot frequently, build resiliency and adapt to rapidly accelerating changes daily. M360 now helps community financial institutions stay ahead in this world of constant change by offering more robust access to insights across the organization and scalable customized dashboards – delivering the connection and simplicity organizations crave.

With this powerful upgrade, the M360 platform further helps organizations take the risk out of decisions, minimize costs and deliver transformational business outcomes that set community financial institutions up for success – both during disruptive times and long after they’re over. 

Learn more about the latest M360 updates with our on-demand webinar, The New M360: Helping Credit Unions Connect with Their Members Through Data

Increasing Access to Data

To further transform valuable data into actionable insights, M360 has added two new Loan Origination Systems (LOS) connectors to its already robust connector portfolio –Meridian Link LoansPQ and Finastra Fusion Mortgagebot.  

  • Meridian Link LoansPQ is the industry’s leading consumer loan origination software, adopted by over 1,300 clients and used by 68 of the top 100 credit unions. The LoansPQ connector maps 311 new fields into M360.
  • Finastra Fusion Mortgagebot is the leading mortgage loan origination software supporting retail wholesale and correspondent mortgage lending, with nearly 1,500 clients and 15% market share in the credit union industry. The Mortgagebot connector maps 245 new fields into M360. 

M360 customers can now benefit from a portfolio of ten pre-built integrations to the most popular cores and ancillaries’ software, unlocking key LOS insights such as loan pipeline metrics, loan lifecycle analysis, loan officer performance optimization, account/member profitability and more. 

Beyond the connector portfolio expansion, the M360 data model has expanded to leverage data generated from digital banking platforms – resulting in an addition of more than 400 data elements into the M360 common data model at the heart of the platform. 

Improving Insights and the Customer Experience

As community financial institutions face a new reality of rapidly evolving global markets and changing member behavior, it is vital they have visibility into multi-domain operations and deeper transactional insights. To accommodate, M360 has recently introduced a set of 19 new PowerBI data visualization dashboards mapping nearly 200 KPIs across many critical business domains such as finance, lending, product, member and application. To easily provide the most relevant data, these KPIs have been grouped into dashboards developed focusing on the needs of five executive profiles: CLOs, CFOs, CMOs, CXOs and CAOs.

These new dashboards, available to all our new and existing customers via direct download from an updated Trellance app store, generate benefits including:

  • Reducing the need to hire analytical resources to build and maintain custom reports.
  • Reducing the “time to generate insights.” 
  • Increasing the ROI of the M360 investment by reducing the total cost of ownership. 

Creating an Ecosystem to Support Digital Transformations 

Recently, Trellance has refreshed its partnership programs to establish an ecosystem of certified software applications supporting the digital transformation journey of community financial institutions. This ambition’s guiding principle has been to help organizations reduce the complexity of integrating and managing distributed software requiring access to key core data while enabling credit unions to adopt new technologies and execute repeatable services efficiently. 

As the M360 platform is already deeply integrated with credit unions’ core and ancillary systems, it represents the natural platform to deploy multiple vertical solutions. With the latest update, new partners will join the program: 

  • Prisma Campaigns: A marketing automation platform for financial institutions.
  • Profit Resources: An insights organization that provides a web-enabled profitability dashboard that helps credit unions magnify the profit of their account holders, products, officers and branches.
  • Flow Tracker Analytics: A tool that enables banking institutions to analyze money flow and make actionable insights accessible to marketing, sales and front-line staff.

Thanks to these new integrations, community financial institutions will be able to execute marketing campaigns or run profitability analysis that are automated, contextual, relevant and personalized. This not only delivers more value to members, but it also increases operational efficiency by making it easier to secure insights on member behavior via a seamless integration with Trellance M360 platform.

Supercharging the Business Future

With this latest update, Trellance’s M360 platform solidifies its position as the market-leading analytics platform for community financial institutions looking to drive better business decisions through powerful data insights. As the world continues to evolve quickly, Trellance is already looking ahead to anticipate and solve new challenges in future updates with additional connectors, third-party data enrichment, predictive analytics and a cloud version of the M360 platform. These updates and continued support ensure that M360 remains a powerful and cutting-edge platform for organizations across the financial industry. 

Learn more about the latest M360 updates with our on-demand webinar, The New M360: Helping Credit Unions Connect with Their Members Through Data

Are you ready to supercharge your organization’s data? Learn more about M360 and its latest features or contact Trellance to learn firsthand what M360 can do for your financial institution. 

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